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I feel like i am missing something but i just dont know what it is???? watch

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    my life in points
    -Nepali guy born in hongkong.
    -dad passed away when i was a kid, not much memory of him since he was in the forces and travelled a lot.
    -moved to england, lived a year nd was sent off to a private christian boarding school in nepal.
    -only used to see mom during the holidays either at uk or hongkong.
    -finished my lower school, then was sent off to india for upper school. made some really good friends but the school was too strict so i ran away after two years.
    -enrolled bk to same christian school at nepal, but lived with my neighbours family even though i had my own house.
    -had a genuine good time,made some really good friends at refugee camps and from slums. lived at the refugee camp for some month before finishing my upper school. it was awesome.(by the time i finshed upper school i was able to speak 6 different languages)
    -experinced life shocking moments as nepal was going through tough politcal crisis, a bomb exploded a couple of metres from my house. the biggest bang i ever heard in my life. saw two people gunned down by maiost right in my front of my eyes will never forget that scene, roads used to filled with buring tyres and arsons, constant road bloackade and curfews. army camps started setting up, our school was threatened by maoist as it was a christian school, the sisters had to paid quite a huge sum to keep the school open. the siutation was defcon 1, anything could happen anytime. many times school closed due to security fears.
    -sadly had to leave to kathmandu to live with my relatives for high school since it was becoming too unsafe to live, little i knew my wild days about to start.
    -made new wild friends, started smoking, drinking,clubbing, weeding, sex, brothels. met my old school friends only to knew that my drug addict life was about to start, was introduced to ecstacy and heroin, became hooked on it, lived a life like a hippie.met so many kind of people i was so spontaneous, carefree. joined protests ad vandalized offices, attaked polices during riots. had herion (used syringe) with a 10yr old kid and a 50 yr old women. i was gobsmacked later. once i didnt went home for straight 3 months, lived in my friends hotel. i partied every night for straight 3 months. life was all about drugs and sex. nearily died from drug overdose.money wasn't always there, so
    my friends and i started stealing and selling drugs. i knw i became so low.
    -finally finished highschool with **** grades, two days later got busted with my pals, was thrown to nick for a couple of days. mom found out i was on drugs. later got bailed and i was straight sent to the isolated hills of nepal for 6 months. the place where my dad came from. the hardest life i ever lived, no electricty, telephones, or proper water had to walk down a mile to get water and walk back up a steep road with a bucket of water every morning,no tv, no music forget computers not even shops had to walk literally for a full day to catch a bus or to see a shop. the only thing of survival was horticulture,farming and digging roads. realised how different life can be???
    -after six months, was sent straight to hongkong where again i was left to by self, my mom had been living in england. i had to find a room, a job, open a bank acc, childhood friends had all moved on starting uni at states and aussie. i was struggling for basic things, food, clothes . finally i got a job washing dishes at a resturant, i was awaken to the reality of life. i worked so hard 12 hrs a day,6 days a week and within months i was able to prop up to a assistant chef. my view of life literally changed, i started becoming more introvert and reserved. all i thought was about money. i hardly had any social life. but i was able to finally find out wot i loved most, i wanted to do in life.
    -finally after a year, came bk to england, i then renrolled at college for a-levels got quite good grades and got a place at a decent uni. currentl y on a gap year working fulltime. ever since i came bk to england i ve become even more reserved even though i do a lot of voluntary works and have made some good friends, i just cnt get along wi them even though do hang around wi them.the way i view things is far more different from their view. althoug i do ve some of my old school friends in england, once in a while i do meet wi them and let my other half personality open up. some times i wonder what has happened to the carefree, spontaneous, wild me?? is life all about money. i just feel m still missing something in life but do not knw wot is it, even though i seem to have found wot i love.

    You say you're a guy huh? In that case, you're missing a penis. Don't worry, it's because you're female. You weren't born with one.

    WALL! So as a quick answer, you're missing family affection.. Just a complete guess seeing as I didn't read it.
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