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I think I have anorexia? watch

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    About 2 months before Christmas, I began to make myself sick after meals, in the hope that I would lose some weight. I saw myself as average build but could do with losing a bit of weight, even though I was only 45kg at the time.

    Since Christmas, instead of making myself sick, I've stopped eating most meals, and I never eat more than 400/500 calories a day. I go to a fully boarding school so as I'm home rarely, my parents haven't really noticed that my eating habits have changed. Nor have the house staff realised - my friends have but they haven't said anything thank goodness.

    I have however been having appointments with the school doctor for the last few weeks because the dinner ladies noticed that when i do go to meals, I don't really eat anything, and when the nurse weighed me I was 38kg (BMI was 15.4). But the doctor has just ordered some blood tests and said to eat more :l

    I admit I have a problem, and I think the doctor knows that I have too, but I'm just so scared about admitting to it as I know they'll make me eat and I don't want to put on weight and get fat.

    Any advice?

    There's a difference between putting on weight and being fat.

    If you control it properly then it is very easy to get back up to a healthy weight without reverting back to bulimia. Just eat 100 more calories each day for a week and repeat the following week etc, maintaining your current exercise level, and you should slowly but surely be working your way back up to a healthy weight once you get to about 1200-1500 calories per day. Good luck, the first stage is always admitting the problem. :yes:
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    I was extremely scared to admit I had a problem, but I have and wish I'd done it earlier. I was diagnosed with bulimia and given antidepressants. I feel much better now. It really sounds like you have a serious problem with food - why do you think you restrict, does it stop you from thinking about things you don't want to think about? That's why I do it. My doctor also suggested I put on weight and I really don't want to but I know my body isn't healthy. You can still put on weight and be healthy without being anythign near overweight. Getting help frees your mind to think about other things! xxx

    Do you want to die?
    Have a heart attack?
    Not be able to have children(if female)

    Because that is what will happen!

    My friend went the same way as you and she is diabetic(type1) insulin dependant so she was very close to dying. It was very upsetting!!! She stopped eating altogether and was just eating chewing gum and energy tablets. She also stopped injecting insulin and one day accidently overdosed and was rushed to hospital. Which is were they found out just how underweight she was! she was close to having a heart attack and had to be put on a drip.

    Please please get help. Tell those who care about you before it's too late!
    What more important your health or being thin??
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