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    Hi Guys, trying to choose between the two. Mechanical Design Engineering at Glasgow or Product Design Engineering at Strathclyde. Both look fantastic but there are so many things which I don't know about-

    -Glasgow has a beautiful campus and a long history behind it but Strathclyde is a much newer uni and probably has better facilities for my course (absolutely awesome design suite- any idea how this compares to Glasgow?) What is the general 'feel' of each of them?

    -What are potential employers really going to look at- will it be the reputation of Glasgow as a whole or the leaderboards backing Strathclyde for engineering?

    -In the '80s there was certainly a kind of hierarchy (Glasgow looked down at Strathclyde) is that still the case? Do you think it even matters?

    -Also, in the past, going to University was much about meeting people not only as friends during your time at university but also for the future ie. contacts. This is quite a touchy one as it depends on so much- but what would be the general consensus? Glasgow has a broader range of subject matter- does this entail being a better "networking" university. (Sorry to be so vulgar... "It's not what you know, it's who you know"- really hope this is something I don't need to think about though)

    -What kind of undergraduate students do each of the universities tend to attract. eg. Local, foreign, Scottish, English, private/state education?

    -Accommodation? Pros/Cons... Glasgow has the two- one with en suits but more expensive, the other is supposed to have more of a buzz and is cheaper. What is Strathclyde like in comparison?

    -Any other reasons to go to one or the other eg. teaching quility etc.

    Oh, I should probably add that I know less about the Glasgow course so at present I'm probably more inclined towards Strathclyde as I'm sure I will enjoy it- they are both different so I can't really say which however, as they both look great.

    Cheers in advance guys- any thoughts would be much appreciated... even if it's just "Glasgow because once I met a fit..." you get the idea.

    Both are good unis for engineering. It won't matter if you go to Strathclyde or Glasgow in the longterm.

    Just so you're aware - there is also a Product Design Engineering course at Glasgow Uni, which is taught in conjunction with Glasgow School of Art. I did it for two years before switching to Product Design at the Art School, as I realised I just wanted to be a designer.
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Updated: February 5, 2010
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