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    "What about the fact that Fox news reported the falling of the WTC7 building like 20 minutes before it actually happened on 9/11?

    What about the fact we have been at war for about 20 years almost non-stop, moving from country to country yet everybody just seems to think it only happens in imaginary places on the TV and go on with their day.

    What about the fact that no matter who we elect, democrat or republican, things basically keep going down the same path no matter what.

    What about the fact that the flu vaccine has Formaldehyde, Octoxynol 10, Polysorbate 80, Squalene, and MERCURY, all very harmful toxic chemicals.

    What about the fact that hundreds of prison camps are being constructed in every state in the USA with inward facing barbed wire and millions of plastic coffins stacked up outside.

    What about the fact that flouride is being put into our water.

    What about the fact that mercury is being put it to vitamin supplements.

    What about the fact that our dollar bill has the illuminati's pyramid symbol with the words "New World Order" under it.

    What about the fact that they are trying very hard to take away gun control rights.

    What about the fact that they passing laws around the world to put tracking gps's in every car

    What about the fact that anything (such as drugs) that may cause you to become more open minded about the world is either illegal or extremely frowned upon. (except for drugs like tobacco and alcohol which are more harmful than many illegal drugs, don't cause you to be open minded, and also make the corporations billions of dollars)

    What about the fact that everything they have done to "help" the economy has just made it worse

    What about the fact that you pay taxes out of your hard earned money so that they can just use the money to buy more weapons and bombs and jets and tanks to use in wars in which we are the "bad guy" (even though you think we are the 'good guys' just because a plane crashed on 911)

    What about the fact that the majority of people do not think for themselves and only repeat what they hear on tv.

    What about the fact that most people are programmed to instantly reject any idea that has to do with a "New World Order" and call you insane and laugh

    What about the fact that it only takes one ******* plane crash that only killed about a thousand innocent people, to justify killing HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of innocent people in a different country

    What about the fact that we have the technology that could almost completely end our dependence on oil and natural resources if it weren't for the corporations in power keeping that from happening.

    What about the fact that most people do not eat real food anymore. They just buy mass produced microwave ******** meals and fast food with nothing healthy but lots of harmful **** inside.

    What about the fact that harmful medications for depression, add, and tons of other disorders are being sold like candy without proper testing and trials and being sold by people that are not even real doctors and many of them make more money or get bonuses the more medication they sell.

    What about the fact that mental disorders are common in pretty much every single person in the USA now thanks to the **** they are putting in everything we consume.

    What about the fact that YOU do absolutely nothing except help fund your own death and label the real heroes outcasts

    You are all lining up in a single file line waiting to be slaughtered, and even though you see them killing people one by one and you are getting closer and closer to the front of the line, you would rather live in your own little world ignoring what is actually going on, living inside the TV in your favorite shows, having actors temporarily fill in the emptiness of your of your own worthless slave lives

    You can pretend it isn't happening all you want. You can live in denial, find ways to convince yourself that nothing is happening and justify continuing to live your empty lives. As long as people like you are being fed and have shelter, you will continue to ignore what is really happening. Just like cattle that are being fattened up before they are slaughtered.

    But one day you will have an extremely rude awakening, and what will you do when they make food and shelter extremely hard to get? You will go where there actually IS food and shelter, which will be in the concentration camps that I mentioned were being built, and you will most likely live the rest of your life there and be executed with the rest of the 80% of the population they plan on killing. And if you are one of the "lucky" survivors, you will get to live the rest of your life as a slave.

    I hope that's what you guys want, because thanks to you continuing to do absolutely nothing to stop it, that is exactly where we are headed."

    No. I refuse to get a Tesco Clubcard because I believe it's Gordon Brown trying to keep tabs on us.
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