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    delete or keep anon.

    saw a counsellor for first time today, she advised me to go on anti depressants, but i said no, but now im thinking, do anti depressants actually work? do they work if they person on them is trying to sort themselves out?

    they work for a lot of people. you won't know unless you've tried. In my experience, the best way to know the antidepressants dont work is to take it for a while.

    good luck with your decision, pal

    Some people will tell you they do and some may tell you they don't. They don't exactly resolve the problem but they can help you get back on with life and find the energy to do things.

    It's good that you're seeing a counsellor. Anti-depressants on their own can be useful (sometimes, when taking anti-depressants, it can be a bit of trial and error. Some will work for you and some will now. But this is the same of many kinds of medication). But you can't always rely on them alone.

    Haven taken citalopram in the past, it did create an initial lift in mood and I was able to sustain this for a number of months. However, after starting university things went downhill.

    But my case isn't typical. For a start, although I didn't know it at the time, but I have bipolar (II). Anti-depressants can sometimes make the manic (or, in my cases, hypomanic) periods worse or more frequent. What's more, I wasn't receiving any other support. What served as the trigger for my depression was an assault I experienced at the age of 16. I suffered post-traumatic effects, lost a friend and withdrew from everyone else so didn't have much of a social life. I couldn't talk to my parents about it and wasn't getting help elsewhere. So it's not suprising that things did go downhill! With further support things improved, it took a long time, but they did.

    Your situation will be entirely different. So don't think that because they weren't the most effective treatment for me or anyone else here then they won't be effective for you. Similarly, just because they did work for one person (especially one type of anti-depressant) don't think it will work for you also then become.

    When taking them you will need to give it time. Try to think positively and don't expect and immediate lift in mood.

    With a good support network (family, friends) and either a counsellor (to discuss problems and seek support from) or a psychologist (for "talking therapies" including cognitive behaviour therapy - changing unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour) they can work. It's all part of finding the right type of medical or treatment for you.

    Of course the most important question you need to ask yourself is do YOU think you need to take them? How serious is your depression? Do you think other forms of therapy or treatment will work better? Please discuss it with your GP. They will be able to go in more detail and should provide better advice than I (or most people here) can give. But please don't neglect other areas of your life including exercise, diet and. All of these help to stabilise and maintain mood. Anti-depressants can work under certain circumstances but aren't a miracle cure.

    Hope things work out for you. Please discuss this with your GP.
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    They work for some people but not for others. They are worth trying if you feel like you want to see if they help.

    It varies amongst people. If you're severely depressed there's plenty of evidence to show that AD's (with talking therapies) can help. They are by now means a quick fix. So far i've been on 3 ADs (discontinued 2 cos if hypomanic reaction) and 2 mood stabilisers and even now they are still messing with my dosage. I was at one stage dead set against medication but years of untreated depression made me reconsider.
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