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    Hi I am having trouble with my mk3 fiesta. It won't start.. had a new battery two days ago and they also checked the alternator while it was there, which came back fine. When I turn the key the onl light on is the oil light. Will this cause the car not to start? I've looked under the bonnet and can't find a dipstick anywhere, will get looking on the net for that now. Any advice or ideas muchly appreciated! Thanks!

    Edit: I have now found the dipstick but can't tell anything from it.

    The oil light is probably an oil pressure, but it could also be a low oil level which would stop the engine from starting.

    To check the oil:-

    1) Remove dip stick and wipe off any oil
    2) Put dip stick back in
    3) Remove again and see level, it should be at the MAX mark or by an arrow somewhere, you should be able to see it!
    4) Repeat to get a clear reading.

    If it is not at the max mark, slowly add oil through the top of the engine, there will be a screw cap with an oil symbol on top usually. Go slowly though and allow the oil to drain down between checking the dips. Cold oil can take up to 2 hours to drain all the way down. Fill to the full line, try not to go over as this can also cause catastrophic damage.

    Its not hard, but take your time and you will be fine

    Oh and make sure it is the right oil! Check your oil grade in the instruction manual or contact Ford.

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