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    (Original post by Vampyrcorn)
    The implications of sex are potentially far worse for a 12 yr old than they are for a 16 year old. If they get pregnant before they're physically ready it will mess up their bodies a lot more, and I find it unlikely that they'll take the same responsibility over their health during pregnancy that an older person would.

    They won't be able to understand the emotional responsibility that comes with sex - even if, say, a 12 yr old is ready for sex and has come to understand how he/she will feel about it afterwards, he/she still needs to be understanding towards the person he/she sleeps with and how they will react to sex.. this level of empathy isn't something that young people always naturally have. I know that sounds patronising but it's true - younger people can't read people's emotions in the same way and really aren't as understanding and empathetic.

    It's just a question of maturity. That's not to say that everyone 'understands the implications of sex' as they get older - you see it all the time, person x sleeps with person y and doesn't have any comprehension of how much they'll end up hurting person y if they don't call for a few days. Person y wasn't mature enough to realise how having sex would change their needs/feelings. Having sex puts you in a really vulnerable position, and even if you can handle this and enjoy it and take a healthy approach to sex, it can be really hard to take on the responsibility of how the person you're sleeping with is feeling. You need to know how you'll feel if you sleep with someone and then the relationship ends, that changes things. You need to understand how to care for the other person's needs. You have to be aware of pregnancy and STIs and how to deal with these. I sure as hell wasn't 'ready' for sex as a child.

    If sex is normalised for young people, then more young people will do it. And they won't be mature enough to handle it. A huge number of teenagers aren't mature enough to handle it - look at how upset so many girls are when they lose their virginity in a drunk one night stand. It haunts them. So I doubt that a child would be any better.
    I'm far from being a child, and I have no idea what you're talking about. I've had plenty of sex with different girls, and it's never changed my feelings/needs. None of the girls have ever been hurt that I know of. Does that make me and those girls too immature to have sex?

    To be honest, young people have sex all the time. Most of us (my friends and I) started at about 12/13, and none of us knew it was illegal. So I don't think changing the law will make any recognizable difference.

    I think the best approach would be to pull sex off the pedestal its been put on and realize its nothing special either way, just another way to feel good and/or progress in a relationship.
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