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I'm friends with all of my housemates, and I go out with a couple of them all the time, with people from neighbouring flats.

Although I would consider these people from neighbouring flats "friends", we don't have the same relationship they have with my other flatmates, and I often feel like a tag-along. Like they will call and come round to see my other flatmates, but not me.

My other flatmates also have their own friends which they invite round often, to make a meal together, etc. I have nobody. I sit on my own in lectures, and have no friends on my course. It's quite cliquey. I've tried joining societies, but I still find it hard to have friends where that further connection is avaliable (calling each other, inviting each other out, and so on).

So, even though I have "friends", have a social life - I still feel lonely. I'm also worried I won't find anybody to live with next year.

Advice please?

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