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    I have been on the pill since I was 15 (now 18), so 2-3 years, and have not had a period since I started taking it. I have asked two different nurses about this, and one told me it's completely normal, while the other looked confused and said my periods should have eventually started again.

    Although it's nice not to have to worry about bleeding every month, I do worry sometimes that being on the pill is messing up my body, and I have this horrible thought that one day I will find out it has made me infertile. It has also been suggested that being on the mini pill can make breast cancer more likely and can cause cysts to develop in the ovaries.

    I have heard that the longer you take it, the bigger the risks linked with it become, but what other options are there for people who want long-term birth control? I've come to dislike the concept of pumping drugs into my body constantly, and I would love to just come off it and experience the natural me again, but there is no way I am relying on condoms.

    I don't know anyone on Cerazette or other mini pills, so could people on this pill share experiences? Has anyone else not had a period since starting to take it? Has anyone experienced any nasty symptoms, and is there anything to be afraid of? Does anyone know of any alternative contraceptives that aren't so biologically invasive? Thanks.

    Ive been on the mini pill (cerazette) for about three years. I dont have any periods either, i think its amazing, much better than the usual microgynon 30 which is the most common contraceptive.

    I suffered badly with the microgynon 30, head aches, mood swings, weight gain - you've got a side effect for the microgynon and i had it basically.

    So i found that when the family planning clinic changed my pill to the cerazette, all the side effects dissapeared, it acctually helped me loose weight because it stopped me menstruating all together. (so there was no water retention)

    I think you're just worrying for no reason, do you honestly think that doctors would give out contraceptive drugs to women that causes infertillity?!

    Fair enough, i did consider comming off the pill for a while, as its good to have a break of drugs now and again, but like you say "theres no way im relying on just condoms".

    As for the alternative contraceptive that aren't so biologically invasive - get urself to Ann Summers - cos thats all ur gunna get!

    I'm on cerazette too, partly because microgynon was making me put on weight and giving me mood swings, partly also becasue of history of heart problems and stroke in my family. I don't have periods either- nor do either of the the other two people I know who are on it. I was told that I might not have periods when I was put on it.

    I wish that was the case for me. I was on it for 5 months and had a solid period the whole time...
    Funny enough Im not on it anymore!

    I'm on cerazette too... I've only been on about 6 months and have had lighter periods that seem to be stopping now, I was told when I went on it that it was likely the would stop altogether .
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    No periods at all for me either, which I loovveee.

    If you don't want to solely rely on condoms, and you don't want to use hormonal contraception then your last option really is an IUD. But even then, I'd still use a condom with an IUD.

    If you genuinely have concerns, then you should talk to your GP. I have been on the pill (microgynon, then yasmin, now cerazette) for nearly 5 years, and I've had no unusual problems, only the usual side effects from microgynon (moodswings, mostly) so switched to Yasmin (weight gain) so now I'm on cerazette and couldn't be happier
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