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    Right, so I hate posting anon but I know for a fact some of my friends are on here and know my user name and I don't need anyone else to know this.

    Basically there's this guy I've been into for the last ten years, TEN ******* YEARS, we're really really great friends and probably will be friends forever. Thing is being friends with him is driving me insane, I'm really into him, really really into him. We go out every weekend for dinner, cinema, just hang out, we never go drinking together and when we do it's just awkward.

    I don't know what to do because I can just feel myself falling for him, falling head over heels for a bloke I've never even kissed before, how pathetic is that???

    One of my friends is a bit of a desperate **** (see why I'm anon??) and I know she's not into him but wants to sleep with him and I'm pushing them together so that I know who he's sleeping with. Is that awful??? If he's not with me then I want him to be with someone who I don't think is better than me so I can't be jealous.

    I just feel really vindictive, and like a massive ****.

    I'm tempted to just tell him and ask him that if he doesn't like me that way then I don't want to talk to him for a while, urghhhhhhh.

    Has anyone been in the same situation as me before - possibly not with the ****gy friend? What happened??

    I just need a bit of advice, every time I'm out and with someone I just think "urgh you're not him" and walk off I can't bring myself to try and be with anyone else.

    Argh I just need to grow up, I'm nearly 22 years old

    (I posted this last night but it never showed up??)

    just be open with him and tell him straight out.. im assuming he probly guesses u hav feelingss for him anyway.. us girls make it too obvious.,

    Why is it awkward when you go out for a drink? Is it that you can't connect or that you both want something more or something...? If you've been into him for 10 years might it not be a good idea to at least give him some sort of hint that you like him.

    Have you ever discussed the fact that you have feelings for him? Does he know? Is there any reason why you couldn't give it a shot?

    No TV and No Beer does that to you :sadnod:

    (sorry, couldn't resist :awesome:)

    tell him or forever hold your peace

    and your ****gy friend lol ... that makes you her pimp maybe this can be dirty twist and you all hav 3 some

    ill be seeing you on jeremy kyle in couple weeks.

    good luck and for god sake woman, TELL HIM
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