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    Please keep this anonymous as my friends use this a lot.

    When you're friends with someone are you just supposed to ignore the negatives?

    A friend of mine has let me down a few times now with being unreliable but seems completely unaware. For example, our group of friends were meeting up for a party in the city. I live over an hour away and needed to back that same night for work the next day. My friend had said a week or so before the party that she would get the last train back home with me as she was visiting family anyway. That morning I was chatting to her to arrange where to meet etc and she told me she was no longer getting the train home. This left me stuck as I sure as hell didn't want to wander around in a city in the dark that I don't know well at all, trying to make it back to the train station really late on.

    I know it seems a little petty but it's not the only time this friend has been rather inconsiderate.

    (Another time we'd arranged to get a meal before heading out to an evening event and I'd spent the whole day at work, jumped on a train for over 2 1/2 hrs travelling to arrive absolutely starving and my mate tells me she doesn't want to get food as she's already had a big dinner instead and "you can go grab something and eat on the way though"- even a text message would have been nice so I could have stopped and grabbed something on the train)

    Again there's been other things where I've just thought "you don't even think about anyone other than yourself do you?".

    Am I meant to just put up with this all the time? Or should I say something? This is really beginning to bother me.

    Tell her.
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    Anyone else?
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    I've just started another thread about something like this. Basically, I have a friend that I don't really like spending time with any more. It isn't that they've changed or anything, I just don't look forward to seeing them at all any more and if you don't look forward to spending time with someone what is the point in being friends with them in the first place? If these "little things" annoy you more than you enjoy being around them just cut them loose. I'm just looking for anyone who has experience of cutting someone loose and how they went about it.
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