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If someone male or female made an effort to talk even if you didn't really know them watch

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    Imagine someone you have seen around but don't really know. Would you tend to like them more and consider them more your friend if say they make an effort to shout hi if you walked past and ask how you are/try to chat etc? As opposed to if they didn't say hi/looked elsewhere as they walked past due to shyness or whatever because they didn't know you?

    I just wondered if you would see it as weird if you didn't really know them but they approached you made an effort to talk and ask about you do would you think they were too forward/mithering or would it make you like the person more?

    Also does this apply to the opposite sex guys would you like it or not if the average girl asked about you?

    Which type of person would you say you were the type that says hi or the type that avoids making eye contact?

    Yea it's a good thing in my view. I do it, aslong as the other person doesn't look like they are busy or in a rush. It's a good way of building friendships.

    I'd like someone more if they said hi and wanted to talk to me. I'm the type that avoids making eye contact though...

    I'd kinda see it as a little bit weird, but it depends how they went about saying hi. Like if they adressed the fact that we don't really know each other but always see each other, then that'd be less weird. In that case, I'd find it quite friendly

    Depends on how the other person looks. If they look like a nice person, I'd probably smile at them. If not, I'd most likely avoid eye contact. I doubt I'd go talk to them, though. I'd smile, but I'm a bit too shy to go talk to a randomer like that lol.
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