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    I'm in the second year of a 5 yr MEng aero degree and things are not looking well. The degree has not been what i anticipated with lots of varied content; a lot of it not clicking with me. And my failure is also my own fault as i can't get myself into some of the work - hard as i try.

    So i've been thinking of changing course to something like Maths with Management/ with Computing. Something based soley on maths which was my A'level strength.

    I'm wondering what problems this might bring me, i'll be in about 30grand or more debt if i do this. I'm also 23 years old having started university late, i feel old - like i should have achieved more from my life by now and the prospect of going home in defeat, nothing to show for two years but debt fills me with despair.

    So my question u ask? If i change uni i'll have to go through ucas, what are the odds of being rejected, there's all this stuff in the news about gvt budget cuts and a shortage of places. Will they feel i've been given a chance and leave me to drown in my own mess.

    What sort of things should i say to the head of department for the course i want to get into? I've failed once before, they might not want to take a risk on me - turning down someone else and ruining their stats. I'll be honest but what sort of things do they want to hear.

    Do i see the rest of the year out and fail at the end or do i bail right now. There are no jobs out there and being stuck at home would not do.

    And any advice would be welcome.

    If it's a 5 year degree, then you probably should drop out if you have really thought about the future modules etc, and if you will continue to perform poorly. I don't know what your chances of transferring are, it depends on the university you want to transfer to.

    Why will you be in 30k more debt due to two years study?
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    30K for 2 years plus a 3 or 4 year course if they take me. Plus credit cards and an overdraft - the future didn't seem this gloomy a few years back

    Stick it out work it out, luckily in scotland we get one false start and 5 years of funding and free bursarys becuase we are so cool. Id stay at it and get the degree if it has cost this much .
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