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Is this a case for the doctor? watch

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    Basically my problem is very low sex drive. I've never had an orgasm, and don't even get the urge to masturbate. I enjoy foreplay and I fantasise, but sex tends to be either boring/uncomfortable/very rarely arousing, and my fantasies seem broken as I move to actual playing. I've spent the last couple of years struggling with stress and depression, but the good patches/times before that haven't/didn't improve things in this area. I'm getting worried as at first I thought it was a self-esteem thing (I was very naive when I lost my virginity and my then boyfriend was a tad vocal about his displeasure in my being unable to orgasm with him).

    Now I'm wondering if it's a hormonal/physical problem. What's the likelihood of this/should I go to the doctor?

    Not on the pill, by the way (the other threads I've seen on this seem to be about that).

    Very few women are able to orgasm through penetration... I know I never have through any form of sexual activities... xD. Sometimes it's just a case of getting to know you're body better. Have you used vibrators? They usually help for this.

    About sex being boring... I'm not really sure what to say, sorry =/.

    It might be a good idea to go to your doctor if you're worried, it can't hurt and they may be able to help in some way, I'm quite sure it's not that uncommon .

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    .....my then boyfriend was a tad vocal about his displeasure in my being unable to orgasm with him).
    That really isnt a good thing for him to be talking about! You can spread all sorts of **** about him from him saying that (should you want to)

    As for your low libido, you could talk to your doctor about it if you see it as a big problem, often stress can play a big part in it.
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