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    Hey guys,

    first time poster here, so go easy on me

    I've applied for RBS summer internship in Finance a couple of days ago. Now, I have a couple of questions regarding that application (I'm rather new to this, I haven't really had any summers free before this one):

    1) Almost immediately (12 hours later, to be precise ) after I sent in my application I was invited to solve the online test, which I did, ending with the numerical test (which I'm very satisfied with). The application system now says I have completed the online tests and that my application is being considered. I guess this is all pretty standard stuff, so I don't know if you'll be able to help me, but I'm interested to know if this is just a kind way of them saying "You're out." or are they actually reviewing my application or, better yet, does this mean I've passed those tests and they'll contact me in the near future (obviously, the first working day is on Monday, so I'm not expecting to hear from them sooner)? Is this immediate invite for me to solve the online tests a good thing or is it also pretty standard, so I shouldn't get too excited ?

    2) I'd require a work permit to work in the UK. How big of a deal is that and will it, in your opinion, have a very negative effect on my application, which, in my humble opinion, is rather strong (probably everyone thinks so about his/her application, though )?

    3) (Not that I'm not interested in RBS, the more I know about their culture, the more I like it.) Are there any similar opportunities (primarily in the UK) still open you think I could apply for? Yeah, I know, I'm late - due to various reasons (read: university ) I didn't have time to get more involved before, so now I'm actively searching for everything available (I've applied at GS too, but if offered both, which I don't believe will happen even if hell freezes over twice, I plan on choosing - gasp - RBS... at least I think so now ).

    Thanks all, I hope my questions were not too pointless and I realize you're not the recruitment department nor you have any mental connection with them, so I appreciate all the answers, no matter how speculative they may be

    I can't help too much specifically about RBS and finance, but the first point you make is standard response. As harsh as it sounds, it's unlikely anyone will even look at your application until you pass online testing. Firms just use online testing as a way of sifting through the applicants to get a number that is realistic to interview etc. To them, you will just be an applicant number until you reach interviews. It sounds bad but its not practical to read all the applications before testing people - end of the day, qualifications aren't everything.

    Point 2 I would say is irrelevant. If you qualify for the permits and come up to scratch for the job it won't be an issue. You'll just need to provide the necessary documentation when it is required of you. Point 3 I have no idea - finance isn't the industry I'm involved in, hopefully someone else can help you with that.

    Hope it helps a little
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    Thanks for your answer, Nico. Yeah, I figured everything so far had been pretty standard, but since there are, as always, loads of both true and false information on the Internet, I just wanted to get some opinions. Glad to hear about 2), too Anyway, I'll try and see if there are some other opportunities, since I'd certainly like to do something this summer, even if, god forbid , not at RBS.
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    Right. I tried asking the following in the Summer Internships thread in IB&C seeing how it deals exactly with this kind of questions, but I was alerted that, if I understand correctly, the post was considered essentially the same as the one with which I started this thread and I respect that. So, sorry about back-to-back posting in this thread, but I really have no other option

    In any case, I recently got the "you've passed this step, but there are many other applicants, so we're still considering who to invite for the next step - we'll be in touch" message. Obviously, I'm very happy about that and what I'm now interested in is what would be the next step (if I'm invited) - telephone interview or something else? I don't know if me being from a foreign country plays a role in the whole process and RBS web isn't very detailed. It merely states something along the lines of "there are various interviews and assessments conducted". So, any information about what the next step is would be much appreciated.

    Please note I really don't want to know any details about the interview or whatever else, I'm an "honesty is the best policy" kind of person , I'm just asking about what the next step would probably be.

    I came across this recently, thought it could be quite a lot of use to anyone using TSR:

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    Specialist Advisor
    I know this thread is old, but for anyone who happens to stumble across it and be interested in finding out more about working on one of RBS's work experience programmes, there are hundreds (702 at time of writing to be precise) of placement and internship reviews on this page. These have been written by previous students, so provide a real insight into working for the company. You can also find out more about banking internships in general on this page.
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