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    (Original post by Smtn)
    Kids don't have a choice where they go to school, especially those with religious parents
    The fact that it is the parents deciding, and not the children is irrelevant. Children aren't in a position to be responsible for their choices, they are too young to know what is good for them. If they had the choice, a good proportion wouldn't go to school at all, I know I wouldn't have done. Thankfully I had parents that did make me go to school.

    No! They shouldn't receive government funding either. They're very damaging to the cohesiveness of our society.

    (Original post by Xenopus)
    Children aren't in a position to be responsible for their choices, they are too young to know what is good for them.
    Exactly. So why push a certain religion upon them?

    (Original post by Aphotic Cosmos)

    Education should be secular, and parents should let their children make up their own damn mind as to what religion they want to pursue, if any.

    We say we're a society that allows self-determination, yet before we're even born choices are already being made for us that will have a profound effect on our existence.
    The alternative is to separate children not only from their parents, but from any from of opinionated early input. The result is an epic nursery for all children. Now, what do you think is better for children, idealistic religious freedom or parents?

    (Original post by DJkG.1)
    I think the religious dimension, even for those who are not Christian or even those who are faithless, was beneficial for us and helped us grow up appreciating some of the deeper and finer things about social culture and even history which a secular school would have had difficulty with.
    Elaborate on what those "finer things" are?

    No, we do not need them. The ones which I went to didn't teach about any other religions at all, but that's the Catholics for ya.
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