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Is he really shy or really disinterested? watch

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    So from day one I thought this guy liked me...pretty much because he always stared. Sometimes he'd smile from across the room but whenever I got near he couldn't look up. He would speak to every other guy/girl around - but not me. Then one day when the opportunity did arise he responded to everything I said but when left alone, he could only utter a few words!

    Now I kind of know about him through friends(sounds stalkerish I know!) but I know this guy is actually really interesting, I've heard the way he talks about things he's passionate about and that's what made me interested in him in the first place. We are so alike it's quite weird really. Anyway, I decided to just add him on facebook. He accepted an later that day but still hasn't spoken to me. I then saw him about a week later and he sat near me in class, and when I began talking with his friends, he just kind of lagged behind us/them. But as I was walking away, he watched me all the way out the door!

    Now this guy isn't shy with other people and I am genuinely beginning to think I just scare him or something! He at least used to be able to say hello but now he can't even do that, it's bizarre :confused: I really like him but dont know if I should keep trying or just leave it...

    I feel as though i'm in your exact same position with a person at school!

    It's horrible to have going through your mind "Do they hate me or do they like me?" constantly! You just want them to talk to you right?

    I'd love to be able to give you advice on it, but it seems as though you're doing the same as I am: Trying to talk them, their friends etc...

    I hope it all works out for you because I'm definitely going to persist with mine!

    Times like these you have to make the first move if he is not man enough to or it will just go nowhere (if there is 'something' there)

    There's a chance he does,
    When you next talk to his friends just strike up a conversation like
    ''Oh I heard you were into *fill in the blank* me to! What did you think of *fill in the blank*?''
    Leave a question on the end, if he gives you a good,meaningful answer then there's potentially a green light. If you get a short reply then he's probably not interested.
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    if you are sure he is only like that with you, then I would guess he probably does like you, I know I can be like this sometimes, why not try striking up conversation on msn/facebook to try and break the ice.

    I'm in the same position with someone but I don't know. One moment he's staring at me across the room, next moment he ignores me :sad:
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