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"University outside the top 20 is pointless" watch


    (Original post by CapitalismRocks)
    You will have to ask my friend that, I'd argue top 10 but he's at a top 15 ;\
    What makes Durham, Warwick or Bristol more deserving than Manchester, Glasgow or Leeds?

    Which league table are you looking it (considering there are minor changes between them, some significant changes when looking at international tables)?

    There are universities outside the "top ten", even "top twenty" who ask for grades higher than BBB with AAA-AAB offers quite common and departments who can rival, or even outdo, those at "top tens"?

    (Original post by CapitalismRocks)
    A friend said this to me today; I have to say I'd agree with him, I just think it's kind of pointless going to University if you achieved less than BBB - considering University is harder. What are your views?
    LSE is not in the top 20...I would prefer to go there rather than Oxbridge for job prospects (if you want a real job and not just a paper pusher at whitehall). League tables mean very little.

    if you go to a better uni, you'll make more money in the first few years

    but face it, after 10-15 years of full time work, prospective employers will no longer give a **** about your degree, and more about what you achieved when in the last 15 years of work

    you think a 40 year old lawyer is gonna be prevented from a job coz it wasn't in the top 20?


    you forget, experiance counts for allot. I'd rather employ someone who has had vast experiance of working and making money (and has made money) for a law firm. then someone from a better uni with no experiance at all,,,,,

    next your going to say there's no point in doing a degree unless you get a 1st....

    (Original post by CapitalismRocks)
    To be honest, the Redbrick Universities aren't even that impressive.. The best out of them is Manchester/Birmingham - and even then, unless you're doing a real degree, it isn't that prestigious.
    Gosh it's cringeworthy how rude you are to people. Go learn some social skills. Seriously, people like you on this forum make me feel slightly nauseous. I mean, going into that much detail about you qualifications? LAME.
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Updated: February 6, 2010
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