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"You won't get into as good a Uni as a 1 A* and 8 A student" watch


    What he's saying may actually be true, if it goes down to you and sbdy with 8A's and 1 A*, for only one position at a top uni, and you are equal on everything else, they may go for him/her, but tbh, I think he's completely wrong.

    (Original post by 46Bit)
    Earlier this week my form teacher (who personally I think is a bit of a git, but anyway) said to me (with 7 A* and 2 Bs, see sig for exact details) that I simply won't be able to get into as good Unis as people with 1 A* and 8 As in any subject because of my 2 Bs.

    Now as far as I see it, when I'm applying for Computer Science, my Bs were in French & English Lit, and especially when I already show an almost unhealthy interest in that area of things, this is plain wrong, but I'm interested in whether anyone thinks this is actually true. I'm hoping to apply for Imperial or Cambridge next year as well as some closer to home ones like York.
    I got an AAAa offer from imperial for computer science with gcse's 6A 2A* 2B and as level grades when i applied were abcd (lol) and predicted aabb. so i dont think it makes much of a difference as long as you're wicked at maths + physics and you smack your interview. Moreover your a level choices are perfect so i dont see any reason for you not to get into imperial or cambridge.

    :lolwut: Er, no. Thats a really misinformed thing to say- ignore him! I got no A*s at GCSE and just got an AAA offer from Bath not long ago, in fact I didn't even quite meet the GCSE requirements. :p: I wouldn't advise ignoring the requirements though. :o:

    He needs to get headbutted.

    My GCSEs are worse than yours, yet I got an offer from Nottingham for economics (AAA). Just give him a slap.

    I got offers from 2 top 10 universities for CompSci last year with 5A* 5A 2B - it's a load of tosh.

    Get some experience behind you, do well in your A-Levels, show your enthusiasm and make sure you put together a top notch Personal Statement.

    But seriously, a university won't turn you away for CompSci because of 2 Bs at GCSE, even Oxbridge wouldn't turn you down for that alone.

    (Original post by paddy__power)
    What an eejit.



    The teacher does sound like one. Maybe it could disadvantage you if it was in maths or english, but that's unlikely as B is a good grade.
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