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Hypnosis- cure for shyness? + general depression. watch

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    All my life I've been really shy...don't get me wrong, I'm a lot better now than I was when I started school aged 4 and was too scared to talk to anyone! But the more I think about it, the more I realise it's completely sabotaging my chances of happiness. I so rarely take risks...I go along with what other people do, and always have done...I don't have many friends, and those that I consider my closest friends are friends that I've known since primary school- 3 of them I've known for like 13 years! I feel like I have such a narrow existence, and I know I can give so much, and there is so much I want to experience, but I'm always so scared. 18 years of shying away from things hasn't done me any favours. I find it so hard to let anyone get close...I keep people at an arm's length, I guess because I don't want them to know how empty my life is. My best friend is at uni, and so I hardly ever see her, and she is the person I consider to know me best, but I'm just not progressing in any way and already our friendship has changed so much. We're growing apart and it kills me no one else understands me as much as she does.

    Anyway, know it sounds far-fetched but I'm seriously wondering if hypnosis might help? I can't go on living the way I do because I'll be pretty damn miserable!

    I've been to my doctor about feeling depressed and am going to be contacted by a counsellor who specialises in cognitive behavioural therapy this week, but I just wanted to know if anyone has any experience/thoughts on hypnosis?????

    I think it depends. I did it to improve my confidence a few years ago, mainly because I was so desperate for help back then and I'd have tried anything. Whether it worked or not is very questionnable, I still have major anxiety issues, but it was helpful at the time for me anyway. I didn't like the fear of lack of control personally, I used to keep moving my hands just to make sure I still could, so maybe that affected it, I don't know, but certainly I did feel 'hypnotised', if that makes sense. Possibly just a psychological thing though, it's hard to say.

    Hypnosis and hypnotherapy doesn't receive a lot of support from people, but if you've got nothing to lose by trying go for it. Even if nothing else, sometimes it can be good just to help you relax for a while. The cognitive behavioural therapy sounds like it would be a very good idea though.

    So yes, I don't know if it worked for me, but it helped in some ways at the time anyway. I was actually recommended it by one of my teachers at school, who used it to help him stop smoking, and he said it was really good - so some people do think it helps.
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    cure for shyness? Well, maybe not a cure but how to manage it better and stop it preventing you from doing things you want to do...

    Expose yourself, get out there and do things. Practice makes perfect.

    Stop thinking you're the focus/centre of attention. It's arguably narcissistic in a sense, to be shy, to be preoccupied with yourself and thinking about how others view you...

    It's really not rocket science. You're only going to exacerbate problems if you hide away from the world.

    Speaking from personal experience!

    Hypnosis actually has a fairly good success rate, I reckon it's about keeping an open mind to it and just letting them do what they do. I'm going on Wednesday for an anxiety issue, hopefully it works, we'll see :woo:
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