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    (Original post by Bslforever)
    Fair point, but as the poster above said, the war on terror can easily be seen as the war on Islam. The whole idea is that often, Muslims seem to be "the bad guys". Regardless of whether they are extreemists or not, its still easy to misconstrue portraying religious extreemists as violent muslims.
    True. The media does portray Muslims as violent to gain support for the 'war on terror' but I hope the majority of people are not idiotic enough to believe this but I don't think there's cause for offence... :dontknow:

    (Original post by Broderss)
    You cannot say Islam doesn't encourage terrorists in some cases, can you? It is true the majority of Muslims pose no threat to the western world however some do and those that do cause 9/11 and 7/7. I think this is the reason Islam is deemed a threat. Also, you don't see the Jews ever attacking Germany despite the holocaust yet you see Islamic terrorists taking and ruining tens of thousands of lives for no apparent reason. Again, no one believes Islam is bad but it can be said Islam is a dangerous religion due to the easy manipulation by these extremists.
    Not really. If you study the main Islamic text, which is the Quran, you won't find 1 verse which calls upon muslims to inflict terror on innocent people. You might find a verse or two detailing how muslims should deal with their enemies at times of war, but again never any reference to the killing of innocents (i.e those not at war). 9/11 is a completely different issue, many people don't even believe it was set up by 'Muslims', but rather by the US government themselves. The reason for this is as i've said in my earlier post, to create the War on Terror and subsequently create some sort of harsh environment towards these 'extremists.'

    You can look this point up and it's not something I just made up :rolleyes:

    You don't see the Jews attacking Germany now because that's all over and done with, they've invaded Palestine and are busy creating the state of Israel. They know very well that they rely heavily on public support to continue building and mainting Israel, so it would be completely illogical to go after Germany, since Germany is now an alie of theirs.

    I agree with your point on Islamic terrorists, and won't foolishly deny the existance of some. However, what's happening now is the media and what not are using the same brush to brand ALL muslims in one category, when the terrorists represent a minute fraction of the whole Muslim population.

    people you can't blame the muslim you gotta to balme those who did it that all and people tend to forget that.

    It doesn't bother me in the slightest as a) I'm not a muslim and b) the majority of terrorists are extremist Muslims.
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