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From this MSN convo.... does it sound like he is alright with us being friends? watch

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    ive been having quite a rough time lately... i met a guy last year, we were freinds then started liking eachother. Recently ive been feeling very suffocated and trapped in the relationship. I care for him, but i dont know about love. Ive had a few days to myself, without being in contact, and ive realised that i felt so much better, i dont want a relationship with him, but i know that he still likes me. I just dont want a relationship at all, i want to be single. So we had this convo, and i just feel bad and think that im being mean :

    earlier convo:-

    HIM says: why arent we talking

    ME says: why arent we talking?

    HIM says: yes
    did we run out of things

    ME says: no i dont think its possible to ever run out of things whilst your alive
    its just that

    HIM says: i find that strangely complimenting
    but i dont know what to say anymore

    ME says: well i meant in a general way
    you know what i told you like a while ago
    in an email?

    HIM says: yes, i remember it

    ME says: sometimes i think about that

    HIM says: me too
    i really think about it from time to time

    ME says: liar

    HIM says: im not lying
    i use it as a reality check

    ME says: i dont want to get too close becasue of that
    i just felt like that, thats what we did
    i dont want to be more than friends

    HIM says:i know

    ME says: and sometimes its wierd
    when we talk alot

    HIM says:why

    ME says: you know why

    HIM says:
    do you mean it looks as if we were more than friends

    ME says: yeah... i think we get too attatched

    HIM says: yes,, i agree

    ME says: BUT thats not the reason we've not been talking
    ive just been REALLY busy with soooo much work
    so im a little stressed

    HIM says: i understand

    ME says:i know you do

    HIM says: please believe that i do keep it in mind as a reality check like i said before.. sometimes i do get too hopeful or too attached but then i remember it and slow down

    ME says: okay do beleive you and i do the same, but its not got anything to do with now, im just busy with work

    HIM says: ok, dont worry

    ME says: im not worried

    HIM says:
    lol you seem worried i might not understand but fine

    ME says:
    im not i know you'd understand but i feel bad

    Sometime later ...........

    ME says :why did you say that?

    HIM says:
    i dont know maybe i was kidding
    i wonder if god sends anyone to hell if it in fact exists.

    ME says : yeah i dont know, but i dont think its forever
    you know
    if i was an athisest, i would probably have been dead

    HIM says: why

    ME says : or crazy
    becasue then it would drive me mad
    thinking that theres no purpose to life

    HIM says:
    ive been thinking about that lately

    ME says:
    i would just do anything and not care
    i think im lucky
    not saying your not

    HIM says:
    i know
    i am agnostic

    ME: i know


    then we just stopped, and he left :rolleyes:
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