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    We've started the plate tectonics unit in Geography A2 and it made me wonder - could we create new land by altering the plate margins in the way that Iceland and Hawaii were created. How could it be done? Is it possible to interrupt the natural processes occurring in a volcano for it to prematurely erupt, thus dispersing substance that could be used to create new land? Also, considering that the sea-levels are likely to rise even more over the next century, could this be a solution to the problem?


    [Disclaimer: I know very little about Geography, this is just a very poorly educated guess]

    Would it not be extremely dangerous to do this in practice?

    Even if they had a good idea of what would happen, the results could be unforeseen and see the creation of a big ass Tsunami or an eruption that was big enough to hit other countries.

    In theory you could make a volcano erupt by weakening the rock so the magma can break through. However if you do this on an underwater volcano the cone may only rise by a few meters before the eruption finishes and the lava sets. And even if you did it over and over until you reached the surface the land would just be barren rock, and who'd want to live on top of an active volcano anyway? Hawaii and Iceland took millions of years to form.

    As for using constructive boundaries - there's no way humans could ever move a tectonic plate significantly. The energy of the earths core can only move them a few cm a year.
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