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life falling apart depressing me watch

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    im 22, in final year of uni. My long term girl friend broke up with me at the start of last semester. I got depressed, felt like i lost the only thing important in my life, which seriously ruined my uni grades as i couldnt concentrate as much as i should be. And these grades were important as its my final year. I got ill and missed some exams aswell, which i now have to sit in august which means i dont actually get my overall uni grade till september which i should have got in the end of may/june time.

    A few months before my girlfriend broke up with me i lost my job, that was due to the company having problems and having to close, not because of anything i did. But havent found another so living with parents cause cant afford to not live with them.

    And now im not sure i even like the area im studying at uni. I felt like the only reason i went to uni was because i had a future with my ex gf, and i wanted to be able to support a family with her or something, but since shes been gone i just feel like im wasting my time.

    I tried to figure things out with her but shes moved on and is more into someone else that i ever feel like she was with me, which is even more depressing.

    The only thing i have to look forward to is spending the next 6 months to maybe pass uni, and then get a job doing something i dont feel like doing anymore

    I feel like a failure, im 22 dont have a job, live with parants and failing uni.

    Sorry for not explaining the situation very well, but i just dont have any motivation to do anything. And thanks for any advice.
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    Well, to be honest, I can't give you any advice other than you have to get through it and I know how you feel.

    My situation to yours is strangely similar - I'm in my final year of uni doing a course I'm not particularly fussed about and my long-term girlfriend split up with me 2 weeks ago. I have depression. I'm lacking motivation with my course and I now have to change the life plans I had (which was to travel together for a year once we both graduated). Yeah, it sucks but you've just got to get on with things. Try doing ANYTHING to take your mind off things. Tell yourself you've not gone long left at uni and try your best to knuckle down. Things have a habit of working themselves out - it's just hard to see that when you're stuck in a mire. It's ok to feel unhappy - don't let anybody tell you otherwise but you have to be striving for happiness in the knowledge that one day everything will turn out ok and you'll be a stronger person for the experience. Your life is only going nowhere if you choose to give up fighting.

    Suck it up and get your priorities right! If you think the only important thing in your life is some girl (who didn't even like you enough to stay with you) then you're seriously delusional. You say you feel like a failure not having a job, living with your parents and failing uni. You must realise that these things go hand in hand with eachother. You do well at uni, you get a good job, move out and live your life.

    Success can cure all forms of depression, it can leave you feeling good about yourself and your life, so instead of allowing yourself to fall into this pit just pick your self up. Your greatest mistake is investing too much time, effort and feelings into a girl. T

    he sooner you realize the consequences of being naive and thinking so much of insignificant people in your life the better.

    Try see this as an opportunity.

    Dude, get your Uni work done to your best ability, you are close to the finish line, stay in there, no matter how hard it is, even if you have to cry yourself to sleep everynight over that girl,do it but dont give up on yourself, get your education!!!!!!!!!

    Your education is the solution to the better life you want, once you graduate you will get a good job, move out of your parents house,travel & meet more women, or even this girl you crying over

    Success attracts women,like how sh!t attracts flies
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    Man up. I'm final year, apathetic to the course I'm doing, no gf for the best part of three years, and no social life as everyone is off with their partner.
    Just get through uni and swallow it even if you don't like it - I'm having a harder time then that and coping.

    you've got to live for you and nobody else.

    i know in your situation, based on how you say you felt about your gf, that could be easier said than done but all the same.

    Its february now and it's only 6 months time until you'll be no longer at uni and thus in a position to find work that won't need to work alongside your university life (also, maybe you could apply for a student loan...or at least some of it...still?)

    My advice would be that you know what you've gotta do over the next 6 months so try to enjoy your uni experience to the fullest capacity you feel able to and then when september comes, you will probably have lots of new doors open to you to change a number of things about your situation that you currently don't like

    hope this helps and best of luck to you

    Just concentrate on getting the best grade you can for your degree.

    You can then choose what career you want to take - it doesn't necessarily have to be anything to do with your degree subject. Have you still got friends to talk with or did you drop them all for the gf? If you dropped them then let that be a lesson learned, do not drop your friends for a girlfriend - have both.

    It was not your fault you lost your job and had to go home so don't feel bad about that, so good luck with the studies and remember there is a great life ahead of you. You just have to make and take the opportunities!!

    I'm the same except i am not failing Uni and i've never had a Girlfriend or got laid !!
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