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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I still wet the bed at 19
    I've given my mum expired trifle
    I hate cleaning my room
    I nearly had lesbian sex at 7 years old
    I would get plastic surgery on my nose when I can afford it
    I was bullied to the point of suicide
    I tried commiting suicide a week before my 18th b'day which effected my exams making me go to a low ranked uni
    I hate people who stare at me on the tube or train
    My dad beat my mum up when I was younger for about 6 to 7 years
    My dad went to LSE uni with a degree but ended up being a drunk who smokes 10 cigs a day, who gambles my mums money and didn't have any job ever since I was born but sitting in front of the tv watching horse racing.
    My mum's bi polar and doesn't want to go to the GP to sort it out
    My mum has been violent towards me that she smashed a telephone on my head.
    I really want to kill every person you bullied me
    My mum thinks I'm ******* my dad, which I'm not
    Please get help. You should not be going through this, it will have lasting effects.

    is there a reason why you haven't eaten since 8 o clock last evening?
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    I'm madly in love, but I daren't ask if he feels the same way even when I'm staying at his house. I don't even know what we are. The age gap makes everything more frustrating.
    I'm getting so overwhelmed by university prospects lately that I just feel completely lost.
    I can't lose weight, and I'm trying so damn hard.
    My stepdad hasn't paid our mortgage for three months, I only found out yesterday, my family are in masses of debt and I can't do anything about it except get the hell out of here as soon as I can because I'm just a financial burden to them.
    My dad keeps denying how ill he is, and as much as I hate him at times, I just don't want him to die because he's too proud to go to a doctor
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    i think i might be depressed and i haven't eaten anything today
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    Last night I got served a little bit too much of that poison baby :sadnod:
    Last night I did things I'm not proud of and I got a little crazy :banana:
    Last night I met a guy on the dancefloor and I let him call me baby :daydreaming:

    And I don't even know his last name! Oh, my mama would be so ashamed :getmecoat:
    It started off "Hey cutie, where ya from?" :hubba:
    And then it turned into "Oh no, what have I done?" :vroam:
    And I don't even know his last name :facepalm:
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    I was arrested for criminal damage when I was younger , When I'm in a bad mood I will look for a fight with anyone
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    I am a compulsive worrier.
    I wish that I'd never lost my virginity at such a young age.
    I am always afraid I will do something wrong so I scrutinise everything I do, even on TSR...I'll delete posts because I am scared I've written something that some people wont agree with and I can't deal with the criticisms.
    I try to think I have body dysmorphia but deep down I just think I am not accepting that I have overweight/obese.
    I was a slut at a young teen.
    I used to self-harm.
    I don't like anyone new getting too close to me because I'd hate for them to find out about my past, so I have moments where I push new friends away and don't speak to them for weeks because I can't stand new people knowing me too well because they then know my weakness...and it would be another person I'd have to open up to which is now very difficult to me.
    I'm currently a loner
    I focus on the bad so I can try and work to remove it from my life which inevitably makes me look pessimistic but truthfully I am just scared that bad will happen if I am not constantly looking out for bad things that may come.

    I love my boyfriend but I'd wish he'd be less selfish sometimes.
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    I binge eat and hate myself for it
    I already know I want to marry my boyfriend, but I'm scared about university next year and its effect on our relationship
    I hate the amount of pressure and expection everyone piles on me
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    My mum's an in-denial alchoholic and has been since I was 8 years old. I hate her for it sometimes but now I'm at University and not there to deal with it I'm scared she'll do something to hurt herself.
    University is much harder than I thought it was going to be and I don't seem to be able to do most of the work I get. My next door neighbour in halls is also so noisy that he constantly stops me from sleeping, despite me doing everything I can to block out the noise. I'm starting to wonder why I came to university in the first place.
    I have a huge crush one of my uni friends who I think likes me too, but has been in a relationship for 3 years.
    I'm still a virgin who hasn't ever really gone out with anyone so I don't know what I'd do if he ever dumped her for me.
    I really hate the way I look and am so shy that I find it impossible to hold conversations with people I don't know. Social situations in fact make me feel really anxious which made my fresher's week hell.
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    I flirt with guy friends because I know if I flirt enough I'll get lots of compliments and they will make me feel good about myself.

    I had a drunken one night stand with a hot guy in college and the sex I had with him was better than anything I had with my ex (who I was still with at the time).

    I love attention

    I want to sleep with one of my guy friends but it's a terrible idea.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Last night I got served a little bit too much of that poison baby :sadnod:
    Last night I did things I'm not proud of and I got a little crazy :banana:
    Last night I met a guy on the dancefloor and I let him call me baby :daydreaming:

    And I don't even know his last name! Oh, my mama would be so ashamed :getmecoat:
    It started off "Hey cutie, where ya from?" :hubba:
    And then it turned into "Oh no, what have I done?" :vroam:
    And I don't even know his last name :facepalm:
    I want to rep you, please.
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    I've split a friend and their boyfriend up before.
    I'm going to go after a guy my friend likes.
    I act quite arrogant but I'm really quite shy and insecure.

    I just want to fall in love.

    I'm terrified that if I do leave university and reapply for 2011, I will do nothing productive and end up spending all of my days on TSR. :ninja:

    In all seriousness, I do have quite a few 'confessions' but probably not many that aren't already out in the open in one form or another. I guess a big one would be that I often think that the problems I have/have had are purely a result of me being a rubbish ineffective person, rather than being due to any other reason or out of my control. I also worry that I'll never 'fulfill my potential' in the way that I think I'm capable of, but that's probably just my own insecurity.

    At this moment in time, I confess that I have no idea what I'm actually doing or want to do with my life, and I'm really in need of some magical inspiration.
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    I'd consider myself completely straight but enjoy watching gay porn on a regular basis.

    I like turtles.
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    I had a threesome once, not of the good kind.

    (Original post by frankfranklinin)
    I dropped the screw in the tuna.
    :eek3: :woo: :eek3:

    And let kel take the blame, you vile human being...
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    When I was about 10 we went out for the day and my mum was too ill to come with us.

    I hid all the knives in the house because I was frightened she might hurt herself. I felt stupid doing it, but then I thought what if she killed herself and it was because I hadn't hid all the knives.

    I've always wanted to tell someone that.

    Things are better now. She is happier. I am happier. Things get better everybody. Or at least they can.
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    I was a slut in my early teens, I have slept with 10 guys, and I'm not even 19 yet.
    I'm terrified of my partner leaving me.
    I first had my heart broken when I was 12.
    I lost my virginity at 14.

    I slept with my ex while he wasn't single, months ago.

    Cheating on my ex was the best thing I ever did.
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    (Original post by TwentyTen)
    What would make her think that? :eek: , If this isn't a sick joke of some kind.... You seem to have had a hard life. I bet that's made you a strong person, use your strength on something you love. Make a negative, a positive, at least try, you might just get there.

    Mine is:

    I've only seen this video now

    It's true, I don't know when ever there's an arguement between the both of does she says it to annoy me and I cry in my room all night. :sad:
    Thank you it has made me a stronger person.
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