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    I'm happy :p:

    (Original post by Retrospect)
    :eek3: :woo: :eek3:

    And let kel take the blame, you vile human being...
    What's done is done. Now it's too late to do anything about it...
    R.I.P Kel
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    I cheated on my ex bf. i swore id never cheat again.
    Im with my current bf and seeing him this weekend (we are in an ldr) i'm planning on saying i'm going shopping on my way to his from the station when really i'm planning on hooking up with a girl i met on myspace.
    oh yeah, i'm a girl.

    I'm a complete ********...

    I'm currently really horny... :sexface:
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    This guy I know is absolutely lovely, everyday I hope that he'll eventually turn around and tell me he wants me as much as I want him
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    Just when I thought I said all I can say. My chick on the side said she got one on the way.

    The whore. :mad:

    Wow, so many people want to make confessions on TSR :teehee:

    i killed a man!! ohh **** i forgot to be anonymous!
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    I know my ex's email password...

    It helped me realise what a flirt/slut she was which is why I broke up with her but she hasn't changed it since!!

    I've tried letting her know, like writing an email pretending to be from aol/hotmail and that there has been a security breach and you need to change your password but she's just ignored the emails, maybe intentionally or not I don't know but it would help a million if I didn't know her password so I could really move on...

    Curiosity would get the better of me and I would check her emails every now and then but that's died down quite a bit as I never like what I found, so I've managed to calm myself down in this respect but it would just be infinitely better if the password's changed so I could really and truly not remember her and move on...
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    I'm terrified that my family won't want anything to do with me once they know I'm not splitting up with my boyfriend.

    He has flaws and I hated the situation we were in for the last year. It shouldn't work but it does.

    I think I would have started self harming again if I'd stayed.

    I had the best sex of my life over the weekend.

    I want to fast forward by about four years, by which time I hope my career will have progressed, I want to be married to him and I want to be pregnant.

    I slightly want a baby now even though I know it's not rational and I've always said I'm waiting as long as possible.
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    My f buddy recently gave me an STI scare which would have got me killed as I slept with someone else last week. (luckily got the all clear!)
    My weight gain is out of control, and I feel like going down an eating disorder route to lose it quickly.
    I suffer from bouts of depression which hurts all around me and can even cause me to become verbally and physically abusive.
    I sleep around alot to make myself feel better and lost count at 30 but the good feeling doesn't last for long.
    I hate my stepdad with all my might and wish that he would get the f out of my mum's life.
    I feel ugly alot of the time and so have stopped taking care of how I look.
    Because of ^^^^, I have stopped going out with my friends and always make excuses to not go out with them, because of my disgust for myself.
    The other day, an old friend asked if I was pregnant, errr NO!, I've just got FATTER!!!!

    Geez my life sucks big time!
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    started at a new school cause i was unhappy to the point of not turning up at my old school due to intense bullying

    i have told noone at my new school about the bullying

    i feel like a fraud now i have friends and even a boyfriend at the new place
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    I started a small musical ensemble solely to get closer to a guy I fancy. Nobody else in the group really wants to be in it, but I forced them to be. :p:

    The bodies are buried under the apple tree
    I shot my dog because it kept trying to dig them up
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    I'm in love with a guy who doesnt love me but what I pretend to be, I realised that yesterday.

    I think I'm dying inside slowly because my body is just withering away.

    Sometimes I wish that I won't wake up in the morning, that I'll stay silent one night and be silent forever.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    i'm really worried because you seem exactly like my girlfriend. what does your name start with?

    I love scat!
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    I'm so scared of losing my boyfriend that i do anything to make him love me, even though i know deep down that he loves me no matter what.
    my family dont want me to move in with him, but im going to. il be 20 at the time so its my choice.
    iv caused arguements wthin the family about moving in with him.
    and im still going to.

    that makes me a bad person, but im fed up of doing what everyone else wants and not me!

    (Original post by frankfranklinin)
    What's done is done. Now it's too late to do anything about it...
    R.I.P Kel
    Kel Mitchell isn't dead (thank goodness :p:)
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