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In the midst of breaking up but still miss her watch

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    I am in the midst of breaking up with my girlfriend, who has been with me for a year and a half. Indeed, 2 months ago, I started to lose interest towards her. That's because I have lose that special 'feeling' towards her due to the reason mentioned below.

    All along, she has been really nice to me. She cooked for me and we always had happy moments together. However, I couldn't stand it when she is moody. She would vent her anger on me but I wouldn't retort back. I just keep everything into my heart and curse and swear when I got back home. We remained in bad mood for a day then we get back to normal the next day. Slowly, this frustrating feeling had accumulated in my heart and it made me lose that 'feeling' for her. During our relationship, we never had have coitus before. Only petting. The reason for it because she said she would feel pain as she had coitus with her ex once and then never did it again. I am fine with it at first and as time passed, my body unvoluntarily had that need and i thought if she couldn't do it with me, i can't be together with her. I wouldn't force her to do it because it would be like torturing her.

    I have to admit ever since I lose that 'feeling' for her, I didn't care for her as much as before and she had noticed it. Just now, she said she couldn't stand it anymore because for the lack of concern and care for her and wanted to break up with me. I too wanted to break up with her but I just can't bare to say it out as I really miss all the happy moments and joy we had together. It is like I still like her but i have physical needs and I don't want to cheat on her. I don't know what to do. I don't have a lot of friends as all my time has been devoted to her. I would appreciate for your precious advice. Cheers.

    I think you need to talk to her and tell her exactly what you've told us.
    I'm assuing coitus means sex..she says it is painful..which it is the first few times, but I dont quite understand how it can be a reason to avoid it..it gets better! Are you sure she is telling you the real reason?.. I don't blame you for being frustrated..
    Also, all girls get moody occasionally, and because you are not reacting she could just be unaware how much this is effecting your feelings towards her.

    Communication is the answer, honest. Tell her exactly why you are feeling like this and see how she reacts.
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