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Cheated on Boyfriend and Now scared He'll Leave Me watch

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    I'm just such a horrible person! It's almost 3am in the morning and I can't sleep because I feel so bad. Wish I could change things.

    Basically, my boyfriend who I've been dating for a while now went on a holiday for a couple of weeks. I live with a guy who has always fancied me and then one time I kind of did some stuff with him but not had sex or anything. He's a lovely guy, I really like him but I only did the stuff because of a dare I had going. Stupid I know.

    Last week just before my boyfriend got back I went clubbing and I got horribly drunk and then I'm really not that sure of anything. All I know is that the next day I woke up in a guys bed and basically from what I remember is that we were very friendly with each other and then we ended up sleeping with each other. Although I was horribly drunk so don't remember anything specific.

    Now, I really really like my boyfriend. I don't want to break up with him but I also don't want to tell him what I've done as then he's sure to break up with me. I feel so guilty about it and wish I didn't do those things but it's too late now.

    Also, whilst he was away I had been leading 2 guys on, pretending that I was interested in them. I guess it was just lonliness and I craved attention. Not that that makes it any less wrong.

    So basically, do I tell him what I did and risk him dumping me or do I just not tell him. He's so happy so I think why spoil it now? At the moment only 3 people know about it and I'm fairly sure they'll keep quiet about it. Is this a really bad idea?

    If it were you would you really want to know??
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