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    Lately I've been feeling really down :[ the other night in a club a guy approached me and implied that i was slightly overweight... he called me a "beached whale" :[ does it mean that he thinks I have a deep voice do you think? Ive always known i was a little on the large side... im a size 16... but I didnt think it was that noticeable :s. I wear a lot of black to hide my size, but that night i was wearing a little miniskirt because my mate thought it looked hot... even though I thought i looked a little rough... i dunno.

    I dont have many mates, most of them are one I've met over the internet... I've never had a boyfriend and I'm 18 now. Never even kissed a boy. Is there something wrong with me? I feel like asking guys... I dont think im ugly despite my weight, I cut my own hair sometimes because my parents see no point in paying for a hairdresser, and I have a little acne on my forehead but nothing serious. I dye my hair on occasion, at the moment its strawberry blonde and i quite like it, so it cant be my hair... people have even said it makes me look bubbly and friendly, but they could be lying :[ thats the problem with me lately, i keep thinking everyones lying to me... i dont trust anyones comments anymore.. urghhh

    There's this boy in my year, he's a year below me, year 12, and I reaaaalllly like him. He asked me the other day which way was it to the sixth form staff room, and we really hit it off, he even gave me a smile when he thanked me and left. Should I ask him out? I think there's a real chemistry, and I'm pretty sure he likes me- he stared at me in form the other day, is this a good sign? I feel really uncomfortable about my weight, but i thought to myself, nothing left to loose huh? Besides he's really dishy and blonde like me and he lots of mates

    Any advice? Is anyone in the same situation as me where they might be uncomfortable with their appearance..? Also, do you think its a good idea to go after this boy? Thanks x
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