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    I play for a decent team in Student Sixes - we hadn't lost a game for months and we ended up taking it quite seriously, which made it even more fun than a kickabout.


    The Goalkeeper wants to start playing out of goal. The only problem is, is that he cannot play football at all. We play at a fairly competitive level, top of the second league of five and he puts his foot on the ball to control it. At the start of the season we had to teach him how to kick the ball as he kept miskicking it. In short: he's ******** and way out of his league unless he's in goal.

    His point of view:

    I shouldn't have to play in goal if I don't want to, I'm paying £5 to stand around and not do much.

    My point of view:

    The keeper has his right, but since we are a competitive team that goes against our right to keep it like that. To my knowledge not many of the team are happy about it and sort of fobbed him off, it was only me who decided to try and make an arrangement.

    I didn't start playing for this team in goal and neither do I play or want to play goal. If I have to then I'll drop out, a fiver a week for a poisition I hate? No thanks.

    So one solution is for one person to go in goal every week, meaning we will lose every game as our current keeper doesn't really count as a player because he's so bad... and because it wouldn't be a fair game it wouldn't really be fun either - so people would want to drop out.

    The other solution is for the keeper to drop out of the team and we replace him. He gets what he wants primarily (notwanting to play in goal) and so do we (fair game).

    The other lads on the team are trying to talk him into it and they don't know what they will do if it doesn't work.

    What do I do? I like the keeper but neither do I want to throw away months of playing because he wants to come out of goal.

    At best he will realise that he can'tplay and has just lost everyone a game and either go back in goal or drop off the team. At worst we all stop playing.

    Find a new player bruv. It's the way football works, form grassroots right up, that if you're not good enough you won't get picked, and that's it. Friendships etc are pushed aside. Winning is important at any level. Maybe that's just my view cos I hate losing. But any player does.

    Let him change position if he wants to under the agreement that as a team you audition/search/have trials for a new goalkeeper. He must agree to keep his position until the team has a new and suitable goalkeeper.

    Tell him to jog on in the nicest possible sense. Say you are all really happy with the balance of the team at the moment and you don't want to jeoperdise your chances in the league by messing around with it. If he wants to leave then all well and good but say you value his talent as a keeper but make it perfectly clear there is no position for him in the outfield. Firm but fair.
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