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Should I stretch the truth about my degree watch


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    (Original post by morecambebay)
    I can't afford a masters.

    (Original post by solusoracle)
    I graduated from a top University with a 2:2 degree.

    I was expected to achieve a 1st or a 2:1 but due to long term illness (including brief spells in the hospital) I missed whole chunks of my course and a couple of deadlines. Despite this, after a retake or two I was relieved to be able to gain a 2:2 overall.

    I am now in the process of trying to get a decent job or onto a decent graduate scheme. Many only accept 2:1 and some accept 2:2. I am positive that even the positions which accept 2:2 discard my application because of this grade and am frustrated that there is never an opportunity to explain my circumstances on application forms.

    Should I just put 2:1 on the application forms and then explain the situation later or continue to be frustrated and turned away from positions I know I am more than good enough for?
    tell them the truth, I think that's far more respectable than lying because for what it's worth, if they're interested in the person I personally don't think that a 2:1 will seem *that* different to a 2:2 (I'm assuming the job you want to apply to interests you to the extent where you are able to write a strong covering letter and have experience in the field anyways)

    so no, tell the truth, potential employers would probably feel insulted to the point of being disinterested in employing you if they know you lied

    (Original post by solusoracle)
    I can't afford a masters.
    Could you take a year out and work to pay for a masters

    (Original post by laurakate1988)
    if they're interested in the person I personally don't think that a 2:1 will seem *that* different to a 2:2
    But very different to a first.

    (Original post by EvilSheep)
    Phone them. Phone them and tell them that you want to apply, explain the situation and ask if they would consider you. This way you talk to someone, and explain you situation without having to lie about it first.

    I can't believe that it took til page 3 for someone to suggest this. Ye gods.

    Seriously, this is the way to do it. You'll know for sure which grad schemes will still reject you (so no need to waste time on useless applications), and on a practical level, the more sympathetic ones will need to know before they've thrown you on the reject pile, not after. It'll help your name stand out too, which cannot be a bad thing. Some online applications might even auto-reject a 2ii, so you may need help from HR in getting past that hurdle. Phone or email first, don't just hope they won't mind when you change your classification at interview.

    (Original post by hypocriticaljap)
    The other person is telling porkies!
    Which would officially be the most pointless lie in the world...

    The person didn't go in on a graduate scheme, but they work in the civil service, in a central government dept and lied on their CV. That's all. It happens...
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