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    Well, driving test a week on Wednesday. Anyway, just a few questions to help sort me out.

    1.) My instructor tells me that where possible i should be doing 60 in a 60 zone, 30 in a 30 zone, and i was just wondering, if i did a constant 55 in a 60 zone on my test etc, would i be faulted for this?

    2,) When driving along the road, and there is a parked car ahead, should i indicate when pulling out, or only indicate when waiting behind the car when other cars are approaching from the other direction? [If that makes any sense]

    3.) I have a car already, a Renault Clio Dynamique 16V Billabong Edition, how much would that cost me in terms of insurance for a full year [a rough average, if anyone else owns a Clio themselves, i'm 19 and live in a quiet Welsh town] as my parents are kindly paying my insurance now.


    yeah try to go at the speed limit, if conditions are good dont try if its pissing with rain or anything.. if you go abit under i doubt you'd get too faulted for it.
    apparently you shouldnt indicate when passing a parked car if the way is clear ahead, just go for it.
    and as for insurance i have no idea. if your a guy though apparently it goes up by an insane amount, like a grand for one of my friends..
    i dont know this for certain but hope it helps
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