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    (Original post by htn)
    you dont live in london i assume ? it seems night life is at a dead end at your uni
    i'm in birmingham, so technically night life should be good. and it can be.... i think my halls are generally quite peaceful though

    wish i was in london

    (Original post by >Lauren< :))
    Uni for me = drinking, smoking, eating, sleeping, internet-ing. With a few lectures/seminars thrown in here and there
    Similar to this. Lot of time spent in kitchen with housemates doing **** all really.

    Get up late generally, mess around, do very little work (apart from essay weeks I do **** all tbh), get rinsed far too regularly.

    Predictable yet spontaneous tbh. For example the other night me and my housemates were sitting having dinner and one of us found two bottles of Corkys the old housemates had left. We proceeded to do Corkys shots until the point of being sick and/or passing out just for a laugh. Stuff like that... :cool:

    I wake up
    Talk to my family if they are awake well my mum is
    Then have breakfast
    Get ready/go on my pc if I start at 11
    leave at 10/then go to library and i usually see someone i know which is gd
    then go to class
    have lunch/chat
    then go home
    then i do work/reading or play playstation/watch tv-depends if I want to do work straight away/work load. The first term was the hardest.

    Mines more of productive activities of several days of the week.

    1) Work, so i'm on top of it and not lagging behind
    2) Gym
    3) Boxing
    4) Breakdancing
    5) Meet up with close friends (mostly from opposite university from mine, have a drink, talk
    6) Shopping
    7) Swimming
    8) Sleep sleep sleep

    Breakdancing, almost everyday and gym 3 times a week. Shopping, twice or three times a week excluding food shopping. Food shopping is once a week. Swimming is 3 times after my gym session. Rather exhausting but fun.

    Most of my time later is stuffing myself with food and sleep. Still have not touched my piano since moving in.

    I use to do night outs almost everyday but you can say i've got bored of it and i turn up really fatigued and a bad hangover in lectures. Not the best feeling, i know.

    6.30 wake up & having shower
    7.00 walking & breakfast
    8.00 surfing web
    9.00 lecturer
    10.30 break, playing game, chit chating..
    12.00 lecturer
    13.30 finish lecturer, having lunch
    15.00 aikido or tennis
    18.00 dinner
    19.00 guitar or going to town
    22.00 home and do some reading

    I usually have an hour lecture around midday so I get up for that. Come home and have lunch then do some reading whilst also procrastinating epically on facebook. I watch neighbours and my boyfriend usually calls me. My flatmate and I then make tea together and afew of us then watch Hollyoaks. Then at about half 7 I go back to reading and procrastinating till about 10 when we usually watch e4. Epic chats to ridiculous hours and then bed XD
    Ruth xx
    • PS Helper

    PS Helper
    My days are different so I'll describe a week. One day of 9-6 lectures, rest of the time doing a bit of reading, writing up coursework, weekends to Scotland or the Lake District hiking, at least three nights out a week if not more, a few hours of society stuff, a morning of going into town shopping.

    I usually wake up, shower, go to lecture then come back and do work. Or if its a saturday i do voluntary work. I'd love to say I do something exciting but i dont haha. I talk to my home friends online alot as I've allen out with my hall mates.

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