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Just gutted...over a friends voicemail watch

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    I'm posting this because I don't want to cause any fuss amongst my friends, or make any divides.

    I myself am a pretty laid back character who hates confrontation. I never usually get insulted and tbh I tend to just take the mick out of myself just for a laugh, all light hearted etc.

    At 21, I couldn't name you any arguments really other than ones with parents or what not. I just hate all the animosity and so forth.

    In my final year we have apartments, 3 x 2 bedroom. All on different corridors. As a 6 we're all good mates. My flatmate, is my best mate and I've known him for over 10 years.

    The second probably closest mate is Andy, who I met randomly one night, and ended up getting him involved with all my uni circle and became one of my best mates for the past two years.

    He's a lads lad. He likes girls, he likes footy, loves a beer etc. I don't want to make out he's horrible because he's probably one of the funniest lads I've ever met.

    For my 20th birthday last year I did a dirty pint through being basically peer pressured. That along with wine and vodka = me in a recovery position before 12 o 'clock, being sick etc.etc.

    So I made sure I wasn't doing one for my 21st, particularly with friends coming from around the country and one from Spain. Some random lads I don't know that well collected and I insisted I wouldn't. When my flatmate tipped me off, I just left for 15 minutes and had a beer in the neighbouring bar, taking refuge. Later in the club it was forgotten about and after some stick I went on to have a great night, get merry and last it in its entirety.

    My close mates understood and didn't blame me. So anyway, hungover day later and then come Sunday it's my birthday. The six of us go out for a meal and have a laugh etc.

    Today, the day after Indian. I just checked my voicemails, and then Andy, who wasn't drinking much due to going the game the next morning, left me a message while i was in the neighbouring pub saying things, excuse my french,

    'you ignorant, horrible c***, you've spoilt your birthday, f****n spoilt your birthday, matt you've spoilt it, f***** ungrateful c***'

    Horrible language I know. And by the sounds of it a horrible person to those first reading it. I've never seen that side of him or that aggressive nature. I've not been as close to him this semester as he's in second year resiting, and I've distanced myself from alcohol and late nights to focus on studies.

    But now after having laughs with him the next 2 days as if nothings happened, I don't even know what to do now. I don't want to cause confrontation, I couldn't even imagine bringing it up. I don't want to tell mates and then seem like I'm '*****ing' or whatever as it's not in my nature. But I just wanted to tell someone, but my heart sank listening to that.

    I've never been called anything that horrible in that manner in my life. And to think he sent me it on the night of my birthday, I'm just glad I didn't listen to it on the night or my birthday on Sunday as it would have put a real dampener on it.

    Thanks for just letting me share my woe...
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