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Getting jealous of mate in a relationship watch

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    I don't know why but all of a sudden having a girlfriend seems to be the most important and amazing thing in the world. I've never had a proper one, but my mate has recently got into a relationship and he's making me so jealous. I don't think it's intentionally, but I do think he likes that he can use "I'm going to see my girlfriend" as an excuse to ditch the boys for a night.

    Basically, they spend ridiculous amounts of time together and it's making me feel very inferior and even boring maybe that I'm not in a relationship. How can I appreciate the single life again? I love flirting and I'm enjoying the "possibilities" I have, I suppose, and seeing what happens with so and so, but I don't think any of the girls I'm meeting will want a relationship with me. I want to find 'the chase' exciting again, and even life in general, because on nights like these when he's with her it brings it back and I feel like ****. I'm at uni, I go on about 2 nights out a week, but the rest of the time I feel so bored. I tell myself that me learning an instrument, a language, and going to the gym on the side is enough, but it's really not fulfilling for me. But I want it to be!! I have so much free time that I really wish I had a girlfriend, but I'm trying to change this outlook.

    Help me?

    Don't worry man, just keep your head up, work hard and play hard. Then sooner or later you find someone and it will eb great although yeah at times you will miss being single! Therefore while you are single, make the most of the freedom and just enjoy life, seriously don't get so worked up just enjoy life and take each day as it comes

    maybe its time for you to settle down..i used to be like that....and it gets boring. i know how it is. im currently in a relationship with the love of my life for about 10 mths now...things are great so maybe u shud try gettin a gf. but try to find a nice one...not only looks...their asses will flab away after time ...look for the personalilty...give it a shot...wats the worst that cud happn....if she's not the one for you....breakin up wont matter....if she is....u wont break up
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