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    (Original post by waecskt)
    when I was at work-experience they told me in the new labour boom they couldn't take on enough people, im guessing these days are over forever?
    the new labour boom. That old chestnut. You can spend a fortune of money you don't have for a short period of time, but you can't sustain it. The days of 'Prudent' Gordon were entirely phoney, borne out of reckless lending. They are certainly not the days to benchmark your expectations against.

    I'm sure in a few decades, the lessons of the credit crisis will be forgotten, and there will be more reckless borrowing and lending. For the next 10 years we are going to be in a world whereby central bankers magic up money to give to their investment banking mates to gamble with, whilst the everyday person gets stung with inflation running about wage settlements.

    (Original post by waecskt)
    and also Jr... just interested, why did you decide to leave the city?
    a few reasons.

    - i was getting bored - repetitive, too easy, i was just getting lazy and not pushing myself
    - ethical issues - didn't feel happy about selling shares in companies whose prospects were less rosy than the bank i worked for wanted investors to think they were
    - most of the people you work with are back-stabbing, money-mad crooks. you can only cope with that for a while

    that sort of stuff. plus you learn that money doesn't bring satisfaction to your life.

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    From reading this thread I can safely say the only thing putting me off an architecture degree is the students I'd be working with. No degree should expect the hours of work that have been discussed; they're quite clearly unacceptably high for any capability of student and the concept of them is completely unrealistic to any rational thinker. Yes, finding a job may be hard, but how is that in any way unique to architecture graduates? The only conclusion I can come to is that architecture students are so up their own arses that they actually believe they work harder than anybody else, and hence lead themselves into a life of pessimistic thinking and arrogant, self-indulgent depression. I'm gonna go enjoy my education, you guys can spend your 7 years wallowing in self-pity and see where it gets you.
    are you planning on applying?

    because if you are...you are really in for a shock

    why do you think we would waste time lying to you?

    i wrote something similar to you before i started the degree.
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    OH GOD NO.

    I just realized my mistake.

    graduated? graduated?! GRADUATED?!?!!

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