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    Hi guys,

    I am international student with unconditional offer from Exeter and Manchester Uni. for Middle East Studies (with Arabic in case of Exeter).

    I would love to know your opiniom and maybe also experience which Uni would you choose if you were me . Let's count also SOAS for this one, even though I havent heard from them so far but I am of optimistic nature :p:

    I am 23 years old, I have done M.A in Regional Geography here in Slovakia. Nerd is weak word to describe my passion about ME or IR in general. My focus is mostly on academic reputation and quality of the uni generally and the social life or clubbing is not much of an importance for me (since as internatiol student I am going to be have hardly any money for loaf of bread :rolleyes: )
    So regarding what has been written above, what would you recommend me ? Exeter, Manchester or SOAS.

    Thank you very much for your time and help

    All are good universities. However, Exeter has had a lot of investment from the Middle East and I have heard from a friend who is going for Arabic, it is particularly strong for all things Middle Eastern.

    Will it be possible for you to visit the unis?
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    I doubt I will have the chance and means to visit those unis, since it is quite a way actually that is the reason why I am using people's knowledge on forums like this one, since you can read official info and look through different rankings but it is never a match for real people's experiences thanks for you comment

    There is no where better to be a big Orientalist than SOAS
    (Edward Said is probably a core reading for everydegree from Politics, to Anthropology to even History of art - that's also got to be a great reason to go for SOAS)

    If you are such a ME nerd then it has to be SOAS. Not because the course is better (although I imagine the Arabic teaching will be, and there will be more options in relation to the Middle East to choose from) but because of the community at SOAS. We have a very active Middle East society in the union, a huge ISoc, a very prominent Kurdish Society and more, and they are always organising interesting talks or film showings and other events. Also it is LONDON, Exeter is pretty much only white people, can you really study the "Middle East" from such a distance from "Middle Easterns". There are so many lectures every week at SOAS and in London in general in regards to the Middle East. There's often art exhibitions as well. I can't imagine you being able to experience all this at Exeter.

    The way I see it, if you study at Exeter, your interest will be studied in a kind of isolation, its your degree and that's that. If you come to London it can be far more than that. You can enjoy the debates at SOAS JCR, or the art exhibition at SOAS's Brunei Gallery, or all the other things around London; maybe the cliche of Edgeware road, enjoying a Lebonese meal with a shisha pipe, or maybe you check out the wonderful collections in British Museum(Next door but 1 to SOAS). Last week I went to exhivition at the British library(15 minutes from SOAS) about Omar Khayyam, I;m in doubt that you would get such opportunities so reguarly at Exeter.

    At Exeter you will be a marginal "Why on earth would you want to study that?" At soas nearly everyone has an interest in the Middle East, even if it isnt their area of study, altho it is one which the majority do study.

    If you are passionate about the Middle East, there is no other option than SOAS (unless they reject you, and I sincerly hope they don't).

    I agree with the sentiments of the above.

    You can even study Arabic AND Geography in SOAS, which is what I'm asking to change into ( I was doing arabic and management). Geography is done in a prestigious university called King's College although you're diploma will be from SOAS.

    Exeter will be less expensive than London, but in my experience London can be affordable if you know how to spend and make use of your student discount.

    In terms of experience I know that SOAS is always busy with events and people from all around the world, If I were you I would think about the people you'd meet in an international area of london known for its friendliness or a city outside of London where it is not so international, although on a plus side it would be quieter.

    Hope this helps!
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