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Is the purpose of a Facebook status purely to brag about your life? watch


    I wouldn't agree that positive status = bragging, TBH, it's just venting but in a positive way. Personally, I feel pleased for people when their statuses are positive...

    And, like others have said, there are negative statuses too, as well as just plain old random ones. Sometimes it feels nice to just get stuff off your chest in front of an audience. It's also quite fun to observe epic Facebook drama in other people's statuses

    (Original post by magno56)
    Haha this is ridiculous.

    I can assure you my life is just fine - left school with 5 A Levels, now at a top London university, regularly go on holidays, go out pretty much every night, I'm not exactly bored!

    What I find funny is the way some people think what they're doing is impressive but it's the kinda thing I regard as a perfectly normal activity.
    Well if you find it funny then you must be enjoying it so what is the point in complaining?

    (Original post by magno56)
    All of my "friends" on Facebook just seem to use their Facebook status as a way of saying "My life is totally awesome".

    Recent examples that have occurred in the last 2 hours on my Facebook feed are "... is going to New York!", "... ALL FIVE OFFERS!" and "... last night was messy!"

    Surely there is no other motive for putting this as your status other than to let everyone know that your life is great and theirs probably sucks.

    Do you know people who do this, and for what purpose do you use your Facebook status?
    its lame isnt it? People talk about every bit of their lives, but its like, no one cares! I like it though for keeping in touch with people i don't see much, but yeh the whole "im doing blah blah right now yayyyy happy birthday to me".....

    **** outta hayy
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