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    (Original post by Renaud)
    Wow, comment expliquer quelque chose qui vient de la pratique ?..
    Euh: mon intérêt est plus fort que ce qu'il a pu être. Il est plus fort qu'avant...
    No, I am deeply sorry but I am unable to explain it clearly. I mean, it's only a rule, you know I guess there is no a valuable explanation there. Ask your teacher, but this is not crucial at all when you speak (not write I mean). It's only practice.

    Oh yeah:

    "Je veux juste savoir pourquoi tu as mis...". When you don't know what to use at the end of a "participe passé", try the feminie form: it is "misE", so then you know you have to use a S. It does not work all the time though.
    Merci pour l'explication. C'est bon savoir cela du participe passé. En faite je n'ai pas écrit le français pendant cinq ans, donc je suis un peu oxidé.

    (Original post by Renaud)
    [...]intèrêt ne serait aussi fort qu'il ne l'est
    Donc il serait complètement incorrect de dire:
    '[...]l'intèrêt ne serait aussi fort de qu'il l'est '?

    Non, même si on devrait dire cela (oups, c'est intérêt), ce n'est pas correct.

    (Original post by I'm_Unsafe.)
    The subjunctive does make me sigh, how we're supposed to understand a tense that doesn't even exist in English is beyond me, but that book is the single most valuable grammar book I possess - it has (almost) all the answers!

    But thanks for the rep
    English does actually have a subjunctive (present and other forms) but it's not used alot.

    Can't really think of any good examples right now but you see it used with the verb 'to be' eg. "It's necessary that everything be perfect for tomorrow, lest she be unhappy"

    Past subjunctive "If I were a boy..." Instead of "If I was a boy"

    I think it helps knowing where it's used in English a little
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