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    Hi,.,,i really need help on these questions...they're from a day of lectures so they aren't in a textbook.. could you reply as soon as possible please. thanks to all. Could you try and answer as many as you can... i dont understand any.. thanks again x

    1. Do you think that evolutionary psychology can provide a complete understanding or human motivations?

    2. Do you think that sexual selection can best be explained in terms of evolutionary psychology?

    3. Is there an essential difference between human and animals other than that humans have evolved further and have a greater capacity for consciousness?

    4. Should the methods of studying human motivations and behavior be essentially any different from studying the great apes?

    5. Can evolutionary psychology explain the 'inner life' is a person?

    6. Traditionally religious believers have sometimes affirmed belief in a 'soul' to emphasis that humans are quantatively different than animals. Do you think talk of human beings having a soul is now an outmoded notion?

    7. the parental investment theory suggests that women will be more careful in their choice of sexual partners than men. Suggest reasons for and against this view

    8. Why might a woman's sexual preferences vary at different times in her monthly cycle?

    9. If the main aim of an organism is to pass on its genes, suggest reasons why humans might have evolved to live long after most people have children?

    Try... reading another textbook OMG GASP GASP.
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