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    How do you go on about doing that? Big Time Help is needed

    What has immensely helped me was to practice general communication skills with a friend.
    I'd recommend getting a close friend to help you with this. It's very helpful, easy, it's free, and it certainly does the job! Believe me, you won't believe how helpful it is.

    -Try to maintain 100% eye contact with your friend whilst talking. I know it's difficult to look at someone in the eye, and talk at the same time. But try it. Usually, in the real world, you'd want to do 70% eye contact/30% looking away.

    -Try to use clear hand gestures while you're talking, and also this offers you the chance to practice using vocabulary you don't normally use.

    -Record a video, and try to maintain eye contact with the lens (As TV reporters do).

    -Read out loud. And you can record your reading if you wish.

    -Tell stories to your friend. This builds congruency and makes it seem more natural.

    Those are my recommendations really. Whilst travelling, I had to communicate with alot of people, and generally it made things easier for me. Plus, it makes you a likeable person.

    Also, don't forget to smile!

    Best of luck.

    - Smile

    - Compliment (but keep it light and don't do it too often)

    - Laugh (seriously, if you laugh, chances are, they'll laugh too and that builds rapor)

    - Ask questions and if you know the person well, don't be afraid to ask deep ones

    - If you can build up trust, let your guard down and talk about something personal. It gives that person a sense of responsibility and respect that you can trust them.

    - If you're talking to someone you don't know, don't be the one to be passive, say Hi, start up a conversation, put yourself out there.

    I may have been addressing 'social skills' rather than 'communication skills', but I hope some of it overlapped.
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    Thanks people. I will try my best to follow what you all've said.
    I was wondering if there are any sites like news or music which will introduce me to new vocabularies as well as how they put in practice?
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