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    Seeing this article made me question why an 89 year-old man was still allowed to drive...

    An 18-month-old baby boy killed when a car mounted the kerb in Lancashire has been named by police.

    Jayden Bloomer and his mother Jackie Bloomer were hit by a Rover when it crashed in Water Street, Accrington, on Tuesday afternoon.

    The driver of the car, an 89-year-old local man, also died. Ms Bloomer, 30, suffered multiple injuries and is critically ill in hospital.
    BBC News

    I don't mean to tar all old drivers with the same brush, but surely being a year off 90 means you're too old to drive a car safely?

    I know that younger drivers too can have accidents, but at least they are usually in control of all their faculties.

    Anyone can be taken ill at any time suddenly, and unfortunately it seems the old guy became suddenly ill at the wheel, but the risk seems so great with people who are 'very' old; do you think there should be a legal age limit or should it be left the responsibility of the person's children/family to let them know it's time to stop driving?

    I would be in favour of a competence test for those who are, say, 70+ which would be less strict than a young person's driving test, but that ensure the person is still capable of remaining safe on the road, even with the habits they've picked up over the years. The only issue then is the further mental deterioration (which can happen very quickly in elderly people) which could go unnoticed after this possible test.

    What are your thoughts?

    There was something about this ages ago on "The One Show." My paternal grandmother is 85 and she drives perfectly fine. She doesn't even drive as slow as elderly people have a reputation for.

    There are some that don't drive so well, and then there are some that drive just fine.

    So putting a glass ceiling in terms of age isn't always neccesary.

    IMHO after a certain age you should be tested every few years, perhaps the age of 70? Sorry, but it is biologically impossible to maintain the reflexes you had in adolescence and middle age throughout your older years. You can keep sharp, sure, but the condition of the tissue comprising the nervous system will inevitably deteriorate, and thus will your ability to predict and/or respond to the actions of drivers whilst keeping control of the vehicle. On top of that, with age comes the necessity to sleep more, thus reducing how alert a driver is on the road. Eyesight and hearing will also deteriorate with age for many people, both of which are practically vital to driving on the road [if you can't hear a siren, or a horn, then you are a hazard - simple as].

    I know that there will be exceptions to the generalisations I've posted here, but the minor inconvenience of taking a basic test again at certain intervals beyond a certain age is a necessary step to increase confidence and reduce complacency in older drivers, whilst weeding out those who really shouldn't be driving at all.
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