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no drinking water in the new library watch


    (Original post by Doubledog)
    One small tip is to drill out the inside of a long pencil and put a rubber plug on one end. Carefully fill the pencil with water and then put another rubber plug on the other end.
    When you feel thirsty chew the end of the pencil as if you are thinking thoughtfully about something really profound and secretly pull off the rubber plug with your front teeth.
    Conceal the rubber plug under your tongue and suck up the water, trying to look as if you are surprised by an intellectual insight that has just staggered you.
    It works every time. Alternatively, fill the pencil with something stronger.
    +1. I like this (especially the last part) but my school is the same with the whole "no drink in the library including water".
    A tip that I use:
    Do it anyway, and when they ask to put it away, pretend, then take it back out again once you're done.:yes:

    (Original post by kay_spiritedaway)
    well excuse me for getting thirsty :curious:

    i'm not the only one in my college who thinks this rule is stupid.

    fyi, im on medication where i need to stay well hydrated so yes it is actually necessary for me to have a bottle of water handy.

    if you're revising for a long period of time im pretty sure you'd want a drink.

    and what has taking water into an exam got to do with it exactly?
    lol I guess that was a sarcasm fail. :rolleyes:

    (Original post by jenny28)
    i don't think that is allowed... but i don't know for sure. if you can have them in exams you should be allowed in the library... and how much damage can water cause?!
    P.S. there is hardly anyone on here who wants to go bucks! have you got an offer yet ?
    You're in a library.

    (Original post by hypocriticaljap)
    You're in a library.
    yh but I'm not talking about bringing in a lake... the amount of water you could spill whilst taking a drink!
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