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    im an 18yr old guy and not the very outgoing type, ie dnt go clubbing, dnt drink, smoke or dance. More recently ive been having huge doubts about my sexuality as ive become more attracted to my best mate. I want to get to the bottom of this by having sex with a woman and seeing how it is. A mate of mine told me about a massage parlour, one which offers 'extra services'. Ive promised to go with him tmorow after uni. what i want to knw is, is it a good idea to do it for the first time somewher like that? i mean people say the first times got to be special with someone u love. but i dont use facebook/msn and dnt know a lot of women so just want to try it no strings attached. am i right? please help..

    thread title reminded me of this song

    (Original post by City High)
    what would you do if your son was at home,
    cryin' all alone on the bedroom floor
    cuz he's hungry, and the only way to feed him
    is to sleep with a man for a
    little bit of money and his daddy's gone,
    somewhere smokin' rock now,
    in and out of lock down,
    I ain't got a job now,
    so for you this is just a good time but for me this is what
    I call life, mmm
    yeah i know, not helpful.

    Go for it.

    But it may be easier and cheaper to have sex with your mate and see whether you like butt hurt over bewbs...

    I say go for it. I personally don't think your first time has to be special but rather just a stepping stone.

    (Original post by Roobsa)
    thread title reminded me of this song

    yeah i know, not helpful.
    lol yeah i posted that in another thread with the same title. I just put "get up on my feet and stop makin up tired excuses" but someone didn't recognise the lyrics and told me off for being harsh

    And OP, yeah go for it if you want, the significance of the first time is really hyped up anyhoos
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