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    Mods, please keep here as I'd rather hear about the general TSR users rather than the Fitness forum regulars.

    Do you think you exercise enough? What do you do to get/keep fit?

    I do next to no organised exercise, but think I need to start more as I'm underweight and starting to get out of breath just by running up a few flights of stairs. Quite worrying... I'm thinking of joining a gym but at the same time I think I could just exercise at home with weights and run outside for free.

    I've got a healthy BMI, but my fitness could definitely be improved. To that end, I've taken to doing a 3-set full-body weight training workout every morning [except Sunday and Tuesday]. Also started walking to university and back, which is a good 45 minute trek.

    I'm not a great healthy eater, but I'm eating more healthily than at home - a low-fat buttered half-baguette every lunchtime, and my staple/lifeblood is apple juice. Also cutting down on pointless snacks and eating a bigger breakfast.

    I don't do enough exercise at all. I walk to uni and back Mon-Fri which is 1-2 miles a day, and that's about it!
    I really want to join an aerobics class or something...

    do you think i do enough, this is my plan

    mon, wed, fri - 30 mins exercise bike, my own made up routine

    tues, thurs, sun - my made up routine twice

    sat off

    my made up routine is

    3 sets at a time (so on tues, thurs, sun i would do 6 sets in the day)

    1 min jog on spot
    10 chair dips
    20 squats
    20 wall push ups
    10 alternate leg raises

    is all that enough?

    Before I type my message, I would just like to point out that I'm not a professional and nor do I claim to be, so if anybody wants to criticise me for not using fancy terms, or having the right workout, I'm not really interested, as it works for me.

    I use to train 2 hours a day, go running every day, and swimming twice a week, when I was 16, as I was applying to join the armed forces. That was probably a bit extreme but I needed to get in shape.

    I failed both medicals due to a knee problem and my training gradually fizzled out by the time I became a student.

    I started training again last year and am doing 2 hour sessions again but not every day, I usually average 3-4 a week. I do squat thrusts, press ups, crunches, pull ups, push ups, AEKs, E&T and bicep curls. Most of what I do doesn't require equipment but I have got my own dumbells and a pull up bar for my doorframe. I have an exercise mat but it's crap so I just use my pillows and duvet instead. (It gets covered in sweat but am not particularly bothered.) I also have speed skipping rope which is really good exercise but becaue I'm running at the minute, I've put the skipping on the back burner.

    I've signed up to do the Blackpool Marathon in April, this is the first race of any kind that I have signed up for. I started my training (I just run outside) the back end of January and at the minute I'm doing 3 hour runs. I'm hoping to be doing 4 hour runs either end of this month or some time next month. I reckon if I hit the 4 hour mark, I should be able to go the distance on the day. (Bought some running shoes and a water bottle, that's the only equipment I've invested in.)

    I was a member of a gym at uni but I can't afford it now and I wouldn't go anyway to be honest, as it suits me to train at home and run outside. If anyone is interested in running, I would recommend 'The Competitive runners handbook' by Bob Glover I think and 'Ultramarathon man' by Dean Karnazes. (That guy does marathons for fun, his standard race is a 100 mile endurance event.)

    I also recommend 'Solitary fitness' by Charles Bronson for people who can't afford or be bothered with the gym. He had to work out an exercise routine from a prison cell.

    5/6 days a week 30-90 minutes.
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