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Nuclear Power: Accelerate or Blackouts? watch


    (Original post by Immortalis)
    TLR most of it, obviously you're the troll here, and I didn't say fusion hasn't been done, we have yet to use it in power stations so we havn't used it before in the sense I was talking about. And thank you for confirming what I said about status, go on google type: define:status and stop being a pathetic excuse for a student, if you're a teacher, wow no wonder your students are failing.

    And a nerd with no social life, "LOL" go look in a mirror, then hopefully you realise you need emotional supprot form your bad childhood experiences, if you need anymore help google it please, for your sake, and because my pity for you is growing more than my social life.

    And by the way Alex Pbrain (I made a funny, NOT) how would I be bad at math if I am recognised as gifted and talented (no your momma jokes here) and got an A ?

    Renewable energy sources such as a solar panel in space with a direct link to earth would mean ~24/7 power from it, people are trying to modify an infrared beam (unlike lasers they can't destroy things) which can be converted back into energy, it looks promising albeit a way off. Nuclear, aslong as it doesn't give us cancer or blow is up should be fine?
    If you cant make your point understandable then you must either be a bit thick or a troll, make yourselr clear on the "sense" you were talking about. LOL. are you a bit special in the head? you said my status of exalted and worshipped and worshipped member is due to some rubbish noone has heard of, i said its through post count as is listed in site rules, but yes, that confirms exactly what you said. moron. go troll somewhere else. (for a troll youre pretty bad, im actually quite enjoying you showing what a muppet you are) and lol. so you dont know anything about what i do and make a wild statment on it in order to prevoke a response. now remind me, what does a troll do little toll boy?

    your pity is growing for me more than your social life/ thankyou, i dont expect pity. nice troll post though.

    every post youve made has been either trolling, or needing help with maths, if thats considered gifted then it really does show how poor the governement education system is. the fact that you describe yourself as talented and gifted shows what a little loser you are. and even if you are, that still makes you a nobody on tsr.

    and that paragraph is a fail. thats not a possibility. if a solar panel in space were to work 24/7 it would create a pernement dark spot 24/7, and with the numbers needed to create any energy its not viable, for energy or for money.

    go troll somewhere else, and seriously, read the site faq's. what sort of numpty honestly think the rep system and post count are the same thing.

    (Original post by Immortalis)
    Exalted and Worshipped Member? I don't see why :P
    I thought that the study was 100 years of hydrocarbons left (10 years ago) and that in 2005 the figure was actually running out by 2090 (after they said 2200 or so).
    The scientists who come up with the figures tend to understand growth, but the politicians who use them almost without fail do not.

    If a figure looks large what they are saying is that this is how long they will last at current levels of consumption. To get the sort of figures that would imply a less immediate resource crisis you'd have to imput data that had assumed we'd handled our use of resources fairly well. Such figures would then be used to justify the type of energy use that would never produce said figures in the first place. It's like how America in the 50's and 60's justified exponential increases of coal usage on the basis that national stocks would last 300~ years, yet the survey that gave that figure based it around current consumption.

    All that said this thread is not so much about lack of resources but instead what could potentially be our lack of ability to handle their consumption and transition into energy.
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