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errrr...why arent i losing weight? watch


    (Original post by TarantuLove)
    I am eating clean (white meats/fish, only good carbs, lots of fruit smoothies with nuts/seeds etc) and I'm exercising for about half an hour every day (and it makes me feel like I'm going to die :p: ) yet my weight hasnt shifted AT ALL, and I've been doing this for a month. I still have hugeamongus thighs and everything seems just as wobbly! :p:

    Any ideas?
    In this thread: Calorie whores. There's like some disturbingly bad advice here.
    Seriously, focus on the exercise and just continue to eat clean (decent quantities too). What exactly do you do for 30 minutes? HIIT and some free weights is the way to go
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    I do free weights/strength work, cardio and a bit of abs too. Mostly strength/cardio though. But I have put on weight! Even though I dont feel any more muscular :p: :confused:

    (Original post by moomin_love)
    Smoothies are healthy, but not a great way to lose weight. Same with nuts etc. They're very fattening! Why not try this?

    Breakfast: Salt and Vinegar Snack-a-jacks with hummus
    Lunch: Some fruit or a rice pudding pot or something small
    Dinner: Fish or Chicken with green vegetables

    If you need to snack there are these amazing jellys that are like 7 calories per a pot and come in loads of different flavours This is fun dieting because all the food tastes so good!

    Maybe up your exercise to an hour as well? 30 mins in the morning and 30 mins in the afternoon to break it up or something? Or just try walking more.
    Suck my nuts, what kind of diet is that?

    Now as for loosing weight, work out your maintinance calories then eat 250 cals below that, so say for example your maintinance cals are 1750 you eat 1500 cals, now you breakdown what you eat.
    0.4x1500=600 cals from protein (600/4=150g protein)
    0.4x1500=600 cals from carbs (600/4=150g carbs)
    0.2x1500=300 cals from fats (300/9=33g fats)

    Carb sources; oats, brown rice, whole wheat pastas/breads/wraps, sweet potatoes, veggies (no corn or carrots).

    Protein sources; Chicken, turkey, lean beef, fish, whey, low fat cheese...

    Fat sources; olive oil, eggs, fish, flax, nuts...

    Now as for exercise, basic free weights 3 x a week and a mixture of cardio 3 x a week. I find that diet is the most important thing when it comes to loosing weight.
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