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I feel like im going insane under this pressure...I can't handle it? watch

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    Hey guys, I decided to post this as this has been going round and round my head for the past month and it's really affecting my ability to live.

    Basically I ****ed up hard in my 2nd year, made stupid life choices and became a habitual weed smoker. This was a terrible decision, and i ended the year with a 53% in Law. I literally left about a day of revision for each exam, and this was why i did so poorly.

    Basically im in my 4th year now, and have been working very hard to turn everything around. I do 6 units in my final year, and I worked out I need 63 in each to be able to pick my grade up from 53% to 60% (2nd year was worth 30%).

    I've already completed 2 of my units, I finished with 63 in one which I was happy with. However I fear my other exam (media law) did not go as well, and I rekon I will probably finish with a 55 as my CW should bring the grade up a bit.

    This means I now need 65 in the remainder of my units to make up for media.

    Is this even possible? I finished with a 53 in my second year, and my lecturer laughed in my face, saying there was no chance i could get 65 in my last 4 units (2 of these units are my disso) if i only managed 53 in my second year.

    This has totally ****ed up my motivation, as Im starting to think that im now in an impossible battle...

    I can't sleep, and it's affecting my uni work (instead of working as I should be now, im worrying about how none of this is possible. it's really driving me insane!!)

    I feel like im having a nervous breadown....:eek3:

    The final year is by far the hardest. Aim for the 65s but I wouldn't count on achieving it. I averaged a firsts in my 2nd year but am struggling for 2:1s in my third.

    A 2:2 isn't a bad degree.

    Well if the reason you got the 53 in your 2nd year was, essentially, because you were slacking, I don't see why you can't achieve high marks in your final year if you work really hard. Don't leave your dissertation to the last minute either because that could really pull up your marks if you work on it consistently and get a good mark on that.

    What do you reckon you could have got in your 2nd year if you worked hard? Do you think you could have got marks somewhere in the 70s or near enough (bearing in mind I have no idea how hard Law is comparatively)? If so, 65 should be a reasonable mark to try for in your remaining 4 modules - just work hard and your motivation to do well can be that you would get to laugh right back in your arsey lecturer's face.

    I wish you well and I hope you find the motivation to gain the marks you want
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