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Iran is "a nuclear state" - Too defiant? Time to put it down? watch


    (Original post by DJ AgnieszkaA)
    if i may quote you
    "I feel that my interests do not lie with the state but rather to my fellow Muslims on this matter. "
    not all of them are. but you are. neither will anyone else openly say they side with, whether you agree with stopping them or not, a group that is most certainly not us, against us.

    wiki: It is sometimes transliterated "Moslem". idiot, dont even know what your own bunch are called
    lol... wiki is not accepted as a proper source as it can be edited so much. most (if not all) universities wouldn't even allow you to put it in as a refrence. suggestion: put non-wiki sources to strengthen (even validate) your argument

    US - Invaded countries illegally, proclaimed certain countries as "evil", removed leaders of countries forefully, history of using nuclear weapons on civilians, history of giving weapons to despots, inadvertently created growth in terrorism through illegal acts.

    Iran - Proclaimed a country should be wiped off map, speak a funny language, haven't invaded anyone or attacked any countries in nearly 3 centuries.

    Direct history: USA overthrew democratically elected Iranian government half a century ago.

    Conclusion: Iran are in the wrong and the biggest threat to the world.

    Also apparently they're "maniacs" and are more than happy to bomb another country with a nuclear weapon at the expense of their own country being destroyed by the rest of the world for such an act.

    This is the general opinion I hear/see a lot.

    Whilst the Iranian government are a-holes who are no longer really democratically elected, I'd like to see more impartiality. It's far too easy to assume the West are the angels just because we live in that area and society. If the US and other countries have nukes, it's only fair that other countries are allowed to build a few.

    After all, Iran will fear a(nother) US nuke attack just as much as the West fear those "crazy arabs" will do the same for kicks just 'cause that area of the world has a different religion and Iran looks like Iraq.

    Iran have more a reason to fear than the US. If I was leader of Iran since 2003 or whatever I too would be buddying up to the other superpower and trying to build acceptable deterrents with fear that the US could invade me next at any time. It took shoddy or fake intelligence to invade N.Korea, it took the same to invade Iraq...

    Obviously I'd rather there be no WMDs anywhere.

    (Original post by DJ AgnieszkaA)
    my side is the side of the country you live in and claim to be part of.
    you side against us, instead choosing to back the dodgy ***** in the deserts from whence you came. yet you still claim you are as british as i.
    I'm sorry, but I was always of the opinion that in a democratic state there is no 'correct' side in that state? Last I checked we were not at a state of war with Iran, so siding with them in a debate is nothing against this country (and even in a state of war debate is constructive). Maybe I was wrong. Yeah guess I was. All those fathers of liberalism had it all wrong, idiots. You obviously know the truth of what democracy should be about.

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Updated: February 15, 2010
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