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How would you survive a zombie apocolypse? watch

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    (Original post by Flav)
    is it a sick thing I've always wanted this to happen and planned just about every detail?
    Nah. I have a plan, a back-up plan and another back-up plan for any type of zombies.
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    (Original post by Gueirguiy)
    Need questions answered first to determine
    1.Can the zombies swim If not I could do with the penguin suit in Mario.
    2.Do the zombies have really strong sense of smell?
    3.Do zombies sleep? If they don't sleep then I'm pretty ******.
    4.What's the average mph on them, would a human outrun them...
    5.How strong are they? Running them over in a tank GTA style would be fun.

    Hide in attic tbh with a pair of nun chucks and sandwich, not much else I could do.
    1. Yeah, I'm going to say they can swim.
    2. No - but they have very good hearing.
    3. No, zombies don't sleep.
    4. It depends on their level of fitness when alive. Fat zombies = 10mph. Skinny ones = up to 25/30mph. A fit human could outrun them, but it'd get tiring. Have to take into account that they don't feel pain too, so they'll be running with broken legs or one leg ect.
    5. As strong as they were when alive - and very persistant.

    Sandwiches rock.
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